Green all over Table Runner is complete - Happy St. Patrick's day to me!

A finish is always good even if it's a bit later than you had hoped. When I began this table runner, I did blog post part one thinking that part two would immediately follow. Life intervened in the way of my grandson getting sick on ending up in the hospital. I couldn't even think about sewing and the posts I published were ones I had in case of an emergency. But my sweetie is home and my Green all over Table Runner is complete. Life is good!

green 2 re 1 When I ended part one, I had two white strips interspersed with three green pieced strips. I was gathering up the white strips to go and cut longer ones when the three strips got pushed together. I liked it!

I pieced another green strip and looked at them. Yep, that was the look I decided I wanted. green 2 re 2I also added one piece to each strip so it would be a smidgen longer. I pressed it and the backing fabric.

If you look at the top of the new layout, you can see the backing fabric. I had used it on the back of my Green City Quilt, I was excited to use a fabric from my stash! (Who says I'm not frugal?)

I floated a piece of Warm Blend on top of the back. I love using it for backs as it doesn't keep the folds and this will be folded for most of the year. I am very lucky to have gotten that free bolt but I would happily pay for it.

green 2 re 3 Then my longarm went rogue on me. Threads broke. And broke. And then broke some more.


I spent a day fiddling with tension, rethreading, despairing and calling my machinegreen 2 re 4 less than flattering names. It took way longer than it should have to get a table runner quilted.

I had just used the machine on a quilt. It is incredible how different thread makes the machine all wackadoodle.

When it was finally quilted, I cut the binding from the two dark greens I had used for the skinny green 2 re 5strips. I don't know if you can see it clearly, but the binding ran out with two inches to spare. Yeah, I planned it that way.

My husband was watching his fav show on TV so I gave him a night off from holding projects for the pictures. A table runner is so light, I was able to just hang it on hangers on a curtain rod. And I loved it!green 2 re 6

I put it on my side board (actually was designed as a bar but I use it as a side board.) It fit the space just like I was hoping it would.

The final table runner measures 51 inches by 18.5 inches. You can alter this design by making it 3 strips, shorter strips, smaller pieces or larger intersecting strips.

I had seen quilts with those sort of design and just figured it out in my head for where I wanted to place it. I think the green could be used at various times during the year but it's great for the month of March.

I put out my Irish china and smiled. I even used the image for my FB cover photo. green 2 re 7 I have more tea cups and tea pots but I tried to keep it simple.

Looking at it makes me smile and feel like a clever Irish lass.

Tea anyone?

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If you love reading about things green and Irish, check out this post on the Irish Goodbye. 

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