Creating your own wipe off wooden seat cushion pattern and cushion

I recently made a high chair cover for my grandson. He needed a fresh one that his older sister had not slimed all over. When my husband brought it over, my granddaughter was jealous which is not normal for her. She loves her little brother. She decided however, that she needed a new seat cushion. She even called me up and asked for one. Of course I said yes!

Thus was born this blog post, Creating your own wipe off wooden seat cushion pattern and cushion.

First, materials:

  1. Blank paper larger than the seat of the chair
  2. Marker
  3. Foam
  4. Electric knife
  5. Yard or so of laminated cotton
  6. 3 yards or so of Bias tape
  7. Thread to match
  8. Rolling presser foot
  9. Scissors
  10. Clover Clips

Hopefully, you have most of that in your sewing room. I am somewhat of a hoarder so I did. Plus, I have made cushions before.

chair Collage 1 re

Steps One and Two

Clean off your chair. Here is mine.

Create a piece of paper larger than the chair. Place it in the chair and draw around it with marker.

Cut the pattern to size.

Trace the pattern on a piece of foam. I used 1 inch wide I had left over. It's pretty expensive, use a coupon from Joann fabrics and save the leftovers.

Cut the foam using an electric knife. We have one anyway. It's tricky if you don't.

Check that it fits the seat.

Now go on up to your sewing room.

Oh, and bring the foam with you.chair Collage 3 re

Steps 3 and 4

Using the foam itself as the pattern, trace it onto the back side of fabric.

I was using leftover laminated cotton hence the odd shaped piece of fabric.

Flip the foam over and trace the reverse side.

Cut out the two pieces.

Place them right sides together.

Use clover clips to keep them together.

Sew around 3 sides, leaving the back end free.

Slip the foam inside. You might have to convince it a little.

You can use a regular foot as the back side of the laminated cotton is not slick.

chair Collage 2 re

Steps Five and Six

Cut 4 pieces of the bias tape. I made mine 14 inches long so I can always clip them to fit the chair.

I used waterproof for two reasons - A. I had previously purchased a 100 yard spool B. Why not make it all wipe off?

Mine had one side folded over. I folded the other side, then folded again and kept them that way with clover clips.

I love clover clips.

I then sewed them to keep them in this same shape.

Again, you can use the rolling or teflon foot if you want, but your regular one will work.

Repeat until all four strips are done.

Yes, my favorite color is blue.

Steps Seven,  Eight and Nine

chair  Collage 4 re

Sew the back closed. Use your rolling foot or you will have a darn hard time.

Place two strips at each end of the back,

Sew them in place.

Sew the bias tape to the opposite side. Sew it down.

I sewed it on the fabric side so I used my rolling foot and moved my needle position to the left.

Fold the tape over and use clover clips to keep it in place.

Switch to your zipper foot if you have one.

Keep the needle all the way over to the left.

Clover clip the tape in place.

Sew it into place.

Put your needle back to center or you will break it when you sew another item. I may or may not have done this.

chair re 12

Final step

Put the cushion in the chair. Tie the ties and show your granddaughter.

Receive your payment of kisses and thank you. Beam.

This project made me Sew happy!

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If you enjoyed this post you might enjoy the high chair post. The chair pad portion is the same as this tutorial.

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