12 Steps to get ready for a trip and make yourself crazy

My husband and I are leaving on a trip east tomorrow after we drop our grandchildren off. My husband is packed and calmly watching TV. I am sitting in front of my computer and not calm. He buys clothes and keeps them in his dresser until we go away. He plops the fresh, folded clothes into a suitcase with a few other items and he is ready. Tomorrow he will gas up the car and away we will go.

I take a different approach. I have 10 steps to get ready for a trip and make yourself crazy.

1, Get out the suitcases. All the suitcases you own because you never know.

trip 1 re2. Make a list. Check it twice. Add things to your suitcase that are on the list but you don't actually need. Better safe than sorry.

3. Download a book to your kindle. Download another just in case. At the last minute, buy a couple more. Realize you will probably sleep the whole time in the car.

trip re 3

4. Do laundry every day. Wash everything you own because you never know. Even if there is a little bit in the hamper, wash it also.

5. Wear only clothes you hate the day before. Be particularly sure that your underwear should have already been thrown out. Have all your other underwear ready to go. Who knows, you might need it.

6, Get a mani/pedi the day before you leave. Oh, you don't usually? Too bad, you have to before a trip. Trust me. OK, you don't really have to. But it's fun and just in case you need trip Collageterrific looking nails, you'll be all set!

7. Check the weather reports. Check them again. Wonder if they are accurate. Doubt that they are and pack for every contingency.

8. Put a list on your phone of all the fabrics you might want to buy. You never know, you could run into a quilt store. Accidentally.

9. Make reservations for dinner. Check the restaurants on Yelp. Book them on Open Table but compare reviews before you do. Call and change a few after you make them. Have back ups, just in case.

10. Look at your clothes. Choose what will fit comfortably in your suitcase. Shove in more. trip re 2

11. Decide what shoes to bring. Despair that they don't all fit in your suitcase. Sneak a few into your husband's suitcase.

12. Pack a bag of magazines. Bring all the magazines you have collected since your last trip. Put them in a cute bag you quilted yourself. Vow to read them all. Or at least to empty the bag where you can put fabric you buy. Just in case you find a fabric store!

Bon voyage!

When I am finally ready to leave, that will make me Sew happy, then I can nap in the car.

I mean read!

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If you enjoyed this post be sure to read another post as well. It's about coming home from a trip.

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