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Modern Flannel quilt part 2

I am making good, no, I would say great progress on my What is old is New Again flannel quilt. When you have chunky strips and blocks, you can finish a whole side pretty quickly. And finish I did which allows me to post my progress or Modern Flannel quilt part 2. Here is the... Read more »

Yay me! I gave my children the gift of poverty instead of affluenza

Affluenza has been in the news lately. When I first heard about it I snorted and doubted anyone would ever believe in its power. I was wrong, people have and for a longer time than I knew.  I am very glad that I gave my children the gift of poverty instead of affluenza. Let’s define... Read more »

Modern ombre table runner in one day tutorial

Tomatoes are red, but it just doesn't say Valentine's  day to me!
Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I put out my red kitchen linens. Meh, the flip side of the Italian table runner didn’t quite cut it. I decided I needed a new one and I needed it fast. Really fast! I just happened to have a super cool collection of fat quarter solids that I... Read more »

Modern look for a new flannel quilt

I used to make flannel quilts frequently. Everyone got one for an extra quilt at the end of the bed, we had them draped on chairs and sofas. I even made Christmas flannel quilts. They are very cozy and one disintegrated from too much love and use. My daughter has one that is falling apart... Read more »

Wacky quilt pins you'll never be able to collect

I can’t remember exactly when I started collecting pins but my collection really took off in Jr. High. I have a big bag in my dresser of political pins, Irish pins, U of I pins, local pins and a few from my girls’ sports teams. Collecting quilt pins was a natural progress for me. I... Read more »

Shakespeare Saved my Life is a great book with a quilt chapter

I finished a book last week that I had to share here on my blog. Why, you ask? Because Shakespeare Saved my Life is a great book with a quilt chapter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about quilts but it has a chapter where a quilt is significant. For that and other reasons, you... Read more »

Drunkards Path quilt is all finished

Finishing a quilt is a huge rush for me. When I get near the end I usually push it on through. Last night I  finished the binding even though it was well past midnight. I felt  great and slept well until I  had to get up early for Aqua Exercise. I am deliriously happy to... Read more »

Transitions in life are complicated or thoughts while I bind

I am working on the binding for my Drunkards path quilt. It is the final step of this quilt and a long one.  I am doing the binding by hand which gives me time to think and ponder. In my non quilting life I am dealing with my father’s move to assisted living. It’s a... Read more »

Campaign 2016 if all the Candidates were Quilters

Campaign season is officially underway here in the states. I believe in voting, I really do. But I also have fun taking things lightly here on the blog and having a bit of fun. I am sure you have heard lots of political ads and promises, particularly if you hail from Iowa or New Hampshire.... Read more »

I tried Massdrop for quilting and loved it

I have never pretended that I don’t have a fabric addiction, I readily admit it. It seems to really flare up when I am on vacation. Or when I am working on a new project and go online. Oh, or when I walk into a quilt store. But now I have a new way to... Read more »
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