My quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival

Some days are better than others. Today was an "other" which began with an email entitled " Decline for Modern Quilts exhibit" and it didn't ring a bell. I opened it and found out that my quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival. Bummer.

drunkards path rejected

I have to admit, it felt lousy to read that email. Really lousy as I had been accepted at the previous two festivals. I felt like a loser.

I am not a huge risk taker. When I worked and had money taken out, I put it in non risk funds. I don't like bad surprises. And this was one.

The last two years I got the impression that it was not all that difficult to be accepted. So I applied. Low risk, no disappointment.

This year the geographical region was extended and apparently, there were more entries. I don't think it was a huge pool of quilts, just more than before. They only chose 24 and mine wasn't one of them.

I think I felt worse because physically I wasn't feeling well. I had been tired all weekend and started calling for an appointment this morning. I finally got to see the doctor in the late afternoon and found out I had a double ear infection and a salivary gland which was blocked and infected.

Oh boy, full blown pity party, for one, was now in progress. My husband got me a chocolate shake and a bottle of lemonade. He also picked up my prescription and some lemon candies. He finished off his TLC with chicken soup from a local Chinese restaurant.salondesrefuses

While he was running around for me I had time to lick my wounds and ponder my misfortune. It made me think of my days of teaching French.  One unit I loved was on the Impressionists.

In the Art Institute in Chicago we have a wonderful collection of Impressionist paintings and each student had an artist to research. They would learn about their artist and present an oral report, half in French and half in English. The unit ended with a trip to the Art Institute and a French restaurant.

Before their presentations we would see posters and slides of Impressionist paintings. I still have a shelf of books on them. I always emphasized that 400px-Claude_Monet,_Impression,_soleil_levantthe Impressionists were rejected by the official Salon exhibit. As a result, they organized their own exhibition.

They named their show, Salon des Réfusés or Exhibition of the Rejected.  In this show one of Claude Monet's paintings, Impression, Sunrise, was hung. The term was not unique but a critic seized upon it.

Louis Leroy used this term jocularly while mocking the exhibit in his newspaper, Le Charivari. The term of derision became popular with the Impressionists. Today we speak of them reverently using this name.

They made lemonade out of lemons. They didn't give up although some died in poverty. Monet went on to become famous and wealthy.

I can do what they did, I can keep going and keep loving quilting. I will give this quilt to Henry and forget it was ever rejected. Ok, maybe I will remember but it won't sting like it did today.

I don't even have to make lemonade, Cliff bought me some!

But just for today, I will finish my pity party, OK?


Sew happy

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Here are posts from the quilts that weren't rejected. 2014 and 2015.

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