How to enjoy Persepolis with your book club

I host my classics book club at my home 3 times a year. Happily I am in another book club, one begun by my daughter to read any kind of book. We take turns hosting and if you host, you pick the book. The hostess provides all the food and if you didn't finish the book, you bring chocolate. Yesterday was my turn and I want to tell you what I did besides what I have already described so you can enjoy Persepolis with your book club.

pbc re 1

I chose the book because it was a graphic novel, the first one I had ever read. I like trying new genres and seeing ideas expressed in a different way. I decided to just do volume one; it's short and doable by some of the young moms in our group.

I wanted to sew a table runner so I googled Iranian fabric. One thing led to pbc re 2another until I ended up on Ebay looking at this fabric. The most well known Iranian fabric is Persian Paisley and this is exactly that.

I don't know why but I looked at it quickly and thought there was some black in it and ordered two yards. It came about two weeks later with a customs tag on it as it was shipped from Thailand. Cool.

As you can see from the photo, there is no black so that ruled out using my black tablecloth and napkins. I ordered new white damask napkins, again from Ebay. I decided, the night before book club, that I needed a new white table cloth.

I picked up a black one and a white one from Bed, Bath and Beyond. (With coupons, of course!) We had made the decision to pbc re 3keep the leaves in our table permanently to avoid the hassle of removal and storage.

When we got home, I naturally decided to go through all my table cloths. I pick the craziest times to fill four garbage bags with cloths that don't fit the new size table. I didn't get to sit down and sew until about 8:00 pm.

I had two yards, the table cloth was 144 inches. I cut it along the middle of the two yards and pbc re 4sewed a middle seam to make a 144 inch piece. I then sewed both long ends together with a wide seam as this fabric was fraying like gang busters.

I took that long tube and ironed the seam open and in the middle. I sewed both ends right sides together and left a gap pbc re 5to turn it inside out. After I turned it, I did a decorative stitch at both ends to keep it all together.

I put my Grandmother's Noritake china on gold chargers I had gotten half price at an after Christmas sale. I had the gold ribbons left from my Great Gatsby book club and tied up the silverware in the white napkins.

I added glasses, tea cups and a couple of hydrangeas to complete the look. Total cost including flowers, tablecloth, napkins and fabric was less than 50.00 and I get to keep everything but the flowers!

Table is all set, now you are probably thinking that I must have cooked. Uh, no. I love sewing and setting tables but cooking is not my passion.

pbc re 6

I ordered a feast from a local Mediterranean restaurant which was perfect. We had naan bread, 3 kinds of hummus, Arabic salad, two kinds of rice and 5 kinds of meat. It was supposed to serve 4 to 5 people.pbd re 7

I had six women who stuffed themselves silly. Then we took all the leftovers to Emily's house and had dinner for all of us. Pretty good deal.

The book is set in Iran, hence the Mediterranean menu and table. But at the ends, she flees to Paris where she lives today. In fact the book was written in French.

I used the table runner and plates from The Paris Wife for dessert. I ordered a tray of mini eclairs from my favorite bakery. A French ending to our meal to match her French ending.

We discussed all kinds of offshoots from the novel. History, religion, teenagers, Britain and humor were all talked about. We also used these discussion questions.

To me, this is the perfect way to enjoy Persepolis with your book club. You read a great book, focus on doing what you love and then enjoy great food with your book friends. Perfect! I only have one question.

Does anyone need any tablecloths?

Sew happy!

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