Gear Fit for Quilters needs to be the next Android Watch

I have an Android phone and a Gear Fit watch that is paired with it. Don't be impressed, they set it all up for me at the Verizon store. I upgraded from one that merely kept track of my steps to one that does a whole lot more. It nags me to walk more, I can answer the phone on it and it delivers my emails and texts. High tech? Eh, sure. I wanted it to be able to answer the phone or texts when I am in the sewing studio without my phone.

20160222_174656It's snazzy and all but really I need much different features. I would like to make a proposal to the tech geniuses out there. Gear Fit for Quilters needs to be the next Android Watch. Let's discuss the features I would like to have.

1. Automatic scanning - I want to be in my sewing room and touch the magic button. The watch automatically scans and stores all the fabrics I have and lists them by both color and size. With pictures. Please.

2. Calories - I work hard in my sewing room and I want a calories worked off total that reflects that. Fine, it doesn't have to be even remotely accurate. Never nag me.

3. Bobbin - The watch and my bobbin should automatically be synchronized. When the bobbin has 7 more inches on it, alert me. No, I don't have any idea how you are going to do this, you are the genius, I am the quilter.

4. Shopping - When I am buying fabric the watch will scan my stash and alert me if I am just about to buy the same fabric. Oh, or pattern! Yes, that would be great.

5. Encouragement - Give me peppy compliments, bolster my motivation. When I finish a section, let's hear a hip hip hooray. Let's keep the compliments to the quilting, I don't want an inappropriate relationship with my watch.

6. Record keeping - Let's measure those stitches, those yards and even how much I ripped out. I want to know when I've reached an important milestone number of something. Compare me to completely fictitious quilters who are nowhere near to my numbers.

7. Discounts - I am entirely open to stores sending me coupons for money off. I will let their computers chirp at my watch and tally how much I have spent there for additional incentives. This watch is working for me!

There might be other features I will add later. We'll keep in touch. And as a reward for your invention, I will make you a quilt, something simple.

We're not talking a postage stamp quilt here, that's real work.

Oh, and lap size.

Sew happy

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