Fill in the blanks Quilting advice

Today's blog post is completely different than any other I have ever done. It's a game for you or your guild or bee. Don't despair, it's fun!

FillintheBlank_FtdHdrI chose the topic of quilting advice because we quilters are generous souls, yes? We will lend you fabric, give you thread and share our supplies. Also, on every forum I have ever been on, quilters share their wisdom and expertise.

1fe209c4ee6eb83d2d232e0ae23cdd50Let's have some fun with that. Find someone to play Fill in the blanks quilting advice. Sortof like Madlibs, yes, but I don't want to use a protected term!

Here are 37 words to fill in. I also have a pdf of them here which you can download and run off. Do it by yourself or with a group.

1. adjective

2. positive adjective

3. location

4. quantity

5. body part, plural

6. something edible

7. negative noun

8. sewing noun

9. negative adjective

10. negative word for people

11. negative verb

12. Verb - strong action

13.  quantity

14.  verb

15. color

16. number

17. two colors

18. location in house

19. action of a door

20.  most important sewing item

21. positive adjective

22. form of technology

23, type of get together

24.  type of relative

25. positive noun

26.  action of your mind

27. positive quirky adjective

28. action that is ongoing

29. mental action

30. number

31. period of time

32. type of publication

33. something visual

34.  positive verb

35. something found on social media

36. a delicious food

37. positive musical or measuring action


Hey there new Quilters,

We the ____1________ and _______2______ quilters of the _____3______ want to give you some free advice. Yes, free advice is usually worth _______4__________ and ours is no exception.


A. Make sure your _______5__________ are super clean. No snacking on _______6____________ while quilting or you will get _____7_________ on your _____8_____________.


B.. Never listen to the _____9__________ quilt police. They are just ________10______ who want to ____11_____________ you down. ___________12________ them.


C. Buy ___13_________ of fabric whenever you ____14_________ it. Buy _______15_______ zebras, _____16___________ stripes and ________17________ plaids. And solids!


D. Try to have your own sewing   ____18____________, preferably with a door that ____19____________. Add some light, good scissors and a ________20_____________. You're set.


E. Make a ____21_________ quilt in any way you want. Learn from ______22_______, or _______23___________ or from a ________24___________. Make sure to have ____25_____.


F. Don't _______26________ about mistakes, we all make some. They are what make your quilt unique and _________27_______. Your quilts will change and _______28_________.


G. Make sure you _____29_______ at least _____30________ quilting blogs every ____31_________. Buy some quilting ____32_______ and watch a sewing ________33______________.


H. When you _______34_________ your quilt, put ________35_________ on Facebook and celebrate. We will join in the party and bring ______36__________


I. Just remember, quilters ______37____________.


4 partsofspeechThinking about the possible answers makes me smile!

Sew happy!

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If you love goofy quilty games, try to guess the meaning of these fake quilt words in this post.

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