29 Things to do on February 29th

Monday is February 29, a date which only comes around once every four years. It's like the Olympics or the Presidential Elections without all the commercials on TV. This is just a unique day so we should do something unique. Here are 29 things to do on February 29th to start your own creative approach. Let me know what you choose.

1. Take the day off and relax the whole time.

2. Go to work and really achieve a ton, an extra day to impress your boss.6a00d8341ca3bb53ef00e550a0ac1f8834-800wi

3. Do 29 minutes of exercise.

4. Eat 29 delicious foods - 29 pieces of candy, fries, cheese curds or pieces of lettuce. (Just kidding about the lettuce.)

5. Do 29 favors for people.

8th_of_march_016. Buy 29 flowers and pass them out to 29 people.

7. Drink 29 ounces of coffee.

8. Get 29 single dollar bills and give them away to people who look like they are having a hard time of it.

9. Take a hot bath for 29 minutes.

10. Walk a dog for 29 minutes.

11. Play Candyland or any other game with a child for 29 minutes.

12. Read a good book for 29 minutes.

13. Ignore your phone 29 times today.

14. Buy 29 cans of food and donate them to a food pantry.canned-foods

15. Take a 29 minute nap.

16. Give 29 compliments to people.

17. Clean your space for 29 minutes.

18. Send a fun text to 29 friends.

19. Walk up 29 stairs, total steps, not staircases.

20. Say thanks or express gratitude 29 times today.


21. Talk to your significant other for 29 minutes in a row, listen actively.

greeting_cards22. Buy 29 greeting cards to send throughout the rest of the year.

23. Wash 29 dishes or pieces of clothing. Can be combined to make 29 but use different machines.

24. Call someone you know would love hearing from you and stay on the phone for 29 minutes.

25. Find 29 items in your home and put them in a bag. Donate to charity.

26. Polish 10 toenails, 10 fingernails and pluck 9 hairs.

27, Quilt or sew or do your hobby for as long as you want.

28. Get your clothes, lunch, bag and supplies ready for tomorrow.

29. Go to bed 29 minutes early.

Or choose another great way to spend your extra day. I know I will be quilting and sewing.

That makes me Sew happy

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