Reduce your fabric stash by cutting it up

I love fabric and collect it really. I have pictures on this post which show just how much fabric I have. Since I wrote that post, I have bought more fabric and finished many projects. I like the stash of yardage I have for new projects but I have way too many bits and pieces from previous sewing. If I love it, I save it in a project box for another similar work. But I have a new way of dealing with leftover fabrics from finished projects. I suggest you reduce your fabric stash by cutting it up.

cut re 0

What do I mean by cutting up your fabric stash? Am I about to decimate my accumulation with a pair of garden shears? Yes! Ha ha, just kidding.

Let me explain by giving you an example. I made my husband an apron for Christmas from Chicago Blackhawks fabric, one of his favorite teams. I had already made one for my son in law. I still had some fabric left.cut re 2

So I cut out another apron and I stored it right next to my sewing machine. It is all set, it just needs to be sewn up. I am not shoving that fabric back into my stash to be forgotten.

On that same chair aka storage, I have the apron I cut out for my book club this Sunday. I had some fabric left so I cut out two actually. Both are on top of the Blackhawks fabric. When I make one, I might just get around to making three.

It doesn't hurt to have some extra aprons all made up for spur of the moment gifts. I bring aprons as hostess gifts a lot. Sometimes I will give one to my daughter to round out a shower present she is giving.

After I got done cutting out the aprons I still had scraps. Remember the goal is to not put more back into my stash. I want to cut it up.

cut re 1

I make bibs all the time. I give them to my grandchildren to take home, I keep some here and I send them to people instead of a card when they have a new baby.

If I have about a yard, I try to cut out an apron. If it is less than that, I try to cut out at least one side of a bib.

I finished the Call of the Wild table runner so I was working on using up those scraps. Here I am seeing what is big enough for a bib. I will also cut up the batting for the bibs, thus reducing the amount of leftover batting I keep.cut re 4

If there is not enough fabric for an apron or a bib, I see if those pieces cut re 8will work for making purse sized Kleenex covers. I cut out an outer fabric and a liner and stack them in a box.

Here you can see I am trying to get a bib and a Kleenex cover. (The martini glass fabric is my pattern, it works really well.) In this case, there wasn't enough fabric for the bib as the seam allowance is not included on the pattern.

Sometimes I need to just sew, so I can ponder a design or just feel like I have accomplished something. I have had up to 35 Kleenex covers made. I've given them out at book club or to all the nurses at a favorite medical office.cut re 7

With flannel fabrics, I cut the scraps into 5 inch squares and store them. I have made two quilts using the left over squares and two dozen burp cloths. It cut re 5really made the process so much faster to have the squares cut out.

Then there are fabrics I can't or don't want to save in any way. I had leftovers from the misprint fabric challenge so I just put in on my Longarm table. I cut it into manageable pieces and use them on the side of a quilt to test my stitches.

Think of favorite small projects you make again and again. When you are finished with it don't always put it in your stash, cut it up. Or do whatever you want with it but I am trying not to add so many scraps to my stash.

Whatever you do, just don't send your scraps to me. I have enough of my own to cut up.

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