Organize all the toys with DIY bags

I love my grandchildren and they love toys. Lots of toys with increasingly smaller pieces which are not fun for me to step on nor babies to put in their mouths. I also love a clean condo, particularly in the office where we store the toys the 4 days a week our sweethearts are not here. I discovered I could organize all the toys with DIY bags. Let me show you my latest one and then a view of the organized toys, deal?

goal re 1Our latest toy acquisition was a box full 'o Barbies. There were four to be exact and they came with shoes, a sled, helmet, hat and a snow board. Yes, I know!

You may recognize this picture as I had it in my post about my goals for 2016. I had two pieces of Barbie fabric and right after we opened the box, I was  motivated to organize the Barbies. Highly motivated.

I used:

1 12" zippert bag re 1

.5 yards of fabric A

2 yards of fabric B

.5 yard of Warm and Natural batting

thread to match

 Step One:

t bag re 2Cut Fabric A the same size as your zipper. My fabric is directional so it is slightly trickier to figure out how to put in zipper.

Fold Fabric A right sides together and press.

Step Two:

Put your zipper foot on machine.

Place zipper next to fold line with fabric to the right.t bag re 3

Check that direction will work out and stitch along fold side.

Step Three:

Cut Fabric A second piece as wide as the first piece.

t bag re 4The length will be folded in half so cut piece twice as long as you want the finished piece to be.

Step Four:

Sew the zipper into the folded edge of second piece.

Before you sew, make sure direction of fabric is going the correct way. t bag re 5

Step Five:

Place front of bag on top of 2 pieces of Fabric B and the batting

Make sure the bottom pieces are both going the same way for directional fabrics.

t bag re 7Sew top to right side of Fabric B layered with batting and Fabric B wrong side (right side should be facing throat plate of machine.) Leave zipper open a bit so you can turn inside out.

Final step:

Clip extra fabric and batting

Turn inside out. You can see the front and back here because I made another one for my daughter's house.t bag re 8

The Barbies are very excited.

t bag re 6They all fit easily and there is room for, you guessed it, more Barbies.

Look, they barely take up half the bag!

When I first starting storing toys for Zara I used a basket and plastic bins. The plastic boxes are harder for her to carry and open. Plus, they aren't very malleable in the toy basket.

When I can, I make bags using fabrics which give a hint as to what is inside. Zara came back and knew immediately what was in the bag.t bag re 9And her mother, my daughter, loved the fabric and begged for an apron. One project off my 2016 list and another on it.

Zara has two tea sets in the bags with tea cups or pots on them. Her Mr. Potato Head and accouterments are in another bag and she just recognizes it.

My daughter probably has 10 toy bags at her house. Zara can carry one to another location, play and then pack it all up. Perfect organization that everyone likes.

Maybe I need bags for everything in my life?

Sew happy!

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Liked the bag but need another look at the steps? I actually have not just one but two posts when I made bags. Check them both out, the second  one is a 17 picture photo gallery, you will see every single step.

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