Drunkards Path top and back are finished

The grand thing about having a couple of quilts going on the same time is the lack of boredom. The worst part is when they both have deadlines and the dates are close. I just finished the Modern baby quilt in time for the shower and bam, I am back in the sewing studio with another pressing time line. I need to wrap up the quilting in 3 days but at least the Drunkards Path top and back are finished. I can do this?

dp re 1

I finished the top last week. I am very pleased with this quilty interpretation of the Universe. I felt our earth, the sun, the moon and the stars are all represented. The rest of the cosmos is such a mystery and I included that plus some planets in our solar system.

I also liked the way the fabric had a border. I pieced it to take advantage of that natural border. dp re 2Working smarter, not harder!

I barely had time to blink and I was onto the back. I had a solar system panel I had purchased in Kansas City, a yard of a constellation and a super wide yard graduated starry sky.

What can I do with this? The starry sky fabric was big but it would need to be a lot wider and just a bit longer.

I knew I could cut up the panel and sew it back together to increase the width. So I cut up each square, leaving only a scant quarter inch of white fabric to cover. I cut 2.5" strips of  half the constellation fabric to sew in-between and on the side of each planet.

When I compared the size of the back I was creating with the front, the planet strip was a bit too long and overall, the top was a bit short. I cut off the top and bottom of the Solar System block and cut a 3" strip of the constellation to sew to the edge of the top.

dp re 3I used the constellation strip to have some fabric to affix the top to the Gammill. It worked just like I had hoped it would.  I had pinned the sun to the left side in my design.

I moved the sun down and over on the final top. I appliqued it using the same technique I had done with Drunkards path first post. I wanted it to show and not be caught indp re 4 the side part which I made cut out.

I didn't want to add the planet strip to the middle, what if I didn't get everything aligned just so on the longarm? I cut off 12 inches from the right side, stitched in the panel and restitched the right piece.

I lined it up and mounted it on the longarm, good old Gladys. It lined up nicely and the fabric rolled perfectly. Sigh of pleasure and relief.

I then cut a piece of the Warm Blend which the Warm company had sent me. I just got that bolt and already I am making my second quilt. Smaller quilts make up faster. This quilt should finish around 49" or 50" square.

I pressed and checked for threads obsessively but I was tired last night so I bet a few snuck on the top. I will find them as I quilt which is another question. Should I try to duplicate the Drunkards parth design? Do circles?

dp re 5I think I will take some risks while quilting and if it's not perfect, oh well. I will call it funky. Or organic! Or maybe I can think of another fancy adjective to bluster my way through mistakes.

Just don't call the quilting drunkard!

Sew happy!

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If you missed the middle post on this quilt you can read it here. 

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