Stocking presents Christmas was perfect for this Quilter

This year, I got my Christmas present early, it was a trip to NYC with my girlfriends to see plays, eat and sight-see. My husband got his brand new iPad Pro the very day it came out for his. (Yes, he is a tech geek.) As a result, we agreed to only fill each other's stockings for gifts.  I think my husband may have cheated a bit but a stocking presents Christmas was perfect for this quilter.

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Part of the challenge was to find gifts that would fit in our stockings, which are big. We allowed books also and then we allowed a bit of extra spill over but basically we had a blast finding small gifts for each other.

Section 1 shows some quilty gifts - fabric spray adhesive was actually from my youngest daughter. I also got needles, a book on Crazy quilts and quilty thank you notes. Sew cool, no?

In that area I also have my new swim caps, yes plural. I got two, that will last me a long time  I hope. Sewing and swimming are two of my favorite activities.

In section 2 I have a new calendar from Jim Shore, Yes, I still use a paper calendar because I have a frame on the wall. Don't worry, I keep a google calendar as well but we all need a little redundancy in our lives.

Sections 2 and 3 both have books, poetry of Emily Dickinson and two novels. One of them is my guilty pleasure reading, Janet Evanovich. Yep, number 22, I've read them all.

If we continue on to section 4 we see grips for my cutting rulers, thread and yes, candy. Chuckles and dark chocolate are also guilty pleasures I guess. I also got an iron cleaner that twilters were talking christmas present 2 reabout. I hope I like it.

Finishing up in section 5,  we have Adele's latest CD, a selfie stick and some quilty cloths for cleaning off screens like my phone, etc. Is that all the techy stuff that was in my stocking?  Nope.

I also got a little device about which I knew nothing until a few days ago. It is called a Hiku and you use it to scan bar codes on grocery items as you use them up and it creates your list. It then sends that list to Peapod, where I do all my shopping.

No more shopping lists for me. My husband could not be more excited with this present. I've mentioned that he is a tech geek, yes? I am going along with the new toy kitchen necessity.

Great stocking yes? I can nibble, swim, read, sew, listen to music and take selfies of myself while I am doing it all!

And my grocery lists will be a thing of electronic wonder!

Sew happy!

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