Secret Quilter thoughts about the Holidays

Is there a quilter in your life? Your house? Your body? Then you already know that Quilters are, well, different. Odd. Quirky. And usually this is all in a charming way. But from December 1st to the 24th, I am personally a bit wackadoodle. Or maybe more than a bit.

Here are my secret quilter thoughts about the holidays. It's not that I don't like them, I do, for real! I just react to normal holiday greetings differently.

Greeting - Happy holidays!

Response - Same to you  (Secret thought - Ack! I'm officially late)

See what I mean? I hear Christmas carols and they seem to be saying "You should be sewing, fa la la la la la la la la!"

Because I am so crazed about getting all the projects done, I have NO cooking guilt. I do not make any Christmas cookies which makes me the perfect person to give them to. (HINT)

I have my Aqua Exercise holiday party on Thursday. I thought to myself, I wonder if I can get Kleenex holders made for everyone in class by then? I thought the same thing last year and each time I have forced myself not to be a crazy person.

Facebook post of friend - All my wrapping is done

My response - Congratulations! (Secret thought - Oh no, I have to sew reusable gift bags for everyone!)

From January until November I sew and finish at my own pace. I think of ideas of things to make and I write it down, content to get to it "someday." In December I suddenly feel that the WHOLE WORLD NEEDS A HANDSEWN PRESENT. From me.

And no, I don't drink decaf.

Here is how my brain is working these days. Or should I say not working?

quilter brain December



I will get this under control. I just need a glass of milk and maybe some Christmas cookies. Too bad I don't make them.

You want another example of my secret quilter thoughts about the Holidays?

Zara receives a Barbie for her birthday comment - I love Barbie! I love her!

I buy her a Barbie set for Christmas - Zara will love this, I say. Secret thoughts - Ack! I need to get Barbie fabric and make her a bag for the Barbies.

Writing this makes me feel better. I know I can handle the sewing. I can always give IOU cards to my loved ones.

I am going to plan out my holidays sewing better in 2016. Each month I will finish a project without worry, fuss or stress. Then in December, I can relax.

I may even bake cookies. Oh yes, next year will be perfect.

Sew happy!

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If you enjoyed this post, take a gander at this photo gallery of quilter gift tags. 

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