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Best of the best quilt articles I've read lately

I love to read about quilting almost as much as I like doing it. I share articles which pique my interest on my Facebook page. But sometimes there are so many and so diversely excellent that I just have to make a special post about them. This is one of those times that I am... Read more »

Let's talk about different kinds of quilt batting

Let’s talk about different kinds of quilt batting. For example, what is your favorite batting? I am not sure I have one. When I first started I would just buy bags of batting with a coupon at Joann Fabrics. I used that approach for about 30 years and always hand quilted. I saved the scraps... Read more »

Fantasy Quilter Holiday cards that would be fun to get

I didn't expect that holiday newsletter.
I did it, I got all my holiday cards mailed out. Cliff and I graced the front and the back was a mini newsletter. I even managed to write a bit on every card. Now I just wait and hope for cards to be delivered to my house. I know fewer and fewer people write... Read more »

Best adhesive for Applique

I love to sew but I am also a tad lazy. If I can find an easier or better way to do something, I am all in. Everyone at guild was talking about fabric glues and they got me all excited also. I had bibs to make and I wanted to know which is the... Read more »

Secret Quilter thoughts about the Holidays

Is there a quilter in your life? Your house? Your body? Then you already know that Quilters are, well, different. Odd. Quirky. And usually this is all in a charming way. But from December 1st to the 24th, I am personally a bit wackadoodle. Or maybe more than a bit. Here are my secret quilter... Read more »

DIY Simple Holiday Dish Towels

Small, useful gifts that are handmade show the person that you are thinking about them for the holidays. I prefer making my gifts because I am not a big mall lover. I can shop all day long in quilt stores for fabric, and I do. On one of these shopping adventures, I finished the bolt... Read more »

10 Sweet Facts about Candy Canes

I collect fabrics and have a separate sub collection of Holiday fabrics, yes I am obsessed. I have multiple candy cane fabrics as part of the larger whole because they are cute fabrics and because I do love candy canes. This surprises me because I am usually a chocolate candy girl. But there is just... Read more »

DIY How to make a darling Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I just finished making Henry's stocking. A stocking is easier to make than you might imagine and becomes an heirloom. Keep reading and find out how. Plus, the last pic has cute little Henry in it!
I have a brand new grandson and you know what that means, I have to make him everything I ever made for Zara. How do people do it with bunches of Grandchildren? Hopefully, they are spaced out so you can have steady projects! As you know, I have already made him a couple of quilts... Read more »

Like it or not, I am never in a hurry

When I was in 7th grade I got sent to the principal for being late to science class 3 times. I sobbed, full of remorse, so he let me off with a warning. I was never late to science again. I went all the way through my Master’s and beyond being on time to class.... Read more »

Quilting Sewing Holiday songs

It’s December 1st and there are many celebrations this month. One way that people celebrate is through song. My husband is a Christmas Carol nut and there are a few Hanukkah songs I know as well. I wish I was as clever as Adam Sandler about making up new songs because I would make one... Read more »
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