Littlest Mermaid panel quilt is finished

I know I could have just made a regular panel quilt and been done with this Mermaid quilt really quickly. But where's the sport in that? I had to jazz it up as you saw in the first post when I had the top finished.

mer 2 re 1I am thrilled to be able to say that the Littlest Mermaid panel quilt is finished and has been for at least an hour!  After I finished the top, I had to design a pieced back as I didn't have enough of one fabric.

I had gotten the panel and the companion fabric from the kind folks at  The Fabric Society and I am sure I could have gotten more.  But I liked the challenge and Modern approach to making a back.

mer 2 re 2I sewed the pieces together and put it all on my Gammill.  I then floated the batting as well as the top. I stabilized the top and stitched in the ditch to be able to float it.

I stitched in pink thread all around every pink border.  This made the quilt stable and allowed me to do the fun quilting. I decided I wanted to keep with the Under the Sea idea of the panel. mer 2 re 3

I did a watery meander in pink thread on all the borders. I've done this stitch before and I like the shimmer effect. However, it can make a quilt a bit stiff so I only used it in the horseshoe fabric.

In the 9 rectangles, I made big, I mean really big bubbles. I wanted to keep up with the design in the panel itself where mer 2 re 4there are some bubbles, This part of the quilting went really fast.

I unloaded the quilt and gave it a good trim. I was super happy that it was probably the most squared up quilt I had ever made. Yay me! mermaid back

Then I had to decide on binding. I had enough for either blue or pink. I even thought about mixing the two.  I figured there was enough going on already so I went with the navy.

I did a continuous seam binding. I remember when those were a bit intimidating. Now, I love them. You can read more in this post.

mermaid cropped, resized and markedThe back shows the quilting a bit better than the front. I like pieced backs so this one was right up my alley. I think the front and the back show that you can put your own stamp on any project you make. Panels are fun to change around.

I am really pleased with the finished quilt and I think Zara will love it. We got her a stuffed little Mermaid to give her with the quilt. I can't wait to give it to her on Christmas.

Mum's the word until then, OK?

Sew happy!

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If you enjoy giving quilts to children, you will like my post on that very bliss. 

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