Best adhesive for Applique

I love to sew but I am also a tad lazy. If I can find an easier or better way to do something, I am all in. Everyone at guild was talking about fabric glues and they got me all excited also. I had bibs to make and I wanted to know which is the best adhesive for applique.

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I bought two different fabric glues and I really want to use them to make some curved seams. Luckily, this is not a project that I need to finish before Christmas. But I did need to make the next Number bibs for Henry.bibs ad re 2

I got out my patterns and grabbed some fabrics. I had three new bibs to make. I decided to use the two new glues plus my old spray adhesive standby.

Bib number 4 would use the glue stick, it was super easy to apply. I even bought a refill, I was so enthused.

Then I sewed it and I wasn't a fan. I felt the glue on the edges gummed up my needle and made the bibs ad re 4zig zag stitching uneven. I also felt it shifted a bit.

I used my spray adhesive on bib number 5. I am very confident with this product and use it a lot. I always have some papers that I have printed and don't need anymore in my sewing room.

I turn the applique over and spray it lightly all over. I placed it on the bib and zig zagged it on, same settingsbibs ad re 3 as for #4. Perfect, no gumming, no shifting and the applique looked great.

For the last bib, I used a fabric liquid glue. What I really liked about it was the applicator tip and the tools they include in case it gets glue stuck in the end. I did little dots all over and let it dry.

I then used the same zig zag stitch and settings. I liked it better than the glue stick but not as much as the spray adhesive. I felt the fabric got puffy in the middle, it was flat down on the fabric.

456 re

Here are close ups of all three numbers on all 3 bibs. I don't know if you can see the differences but number 5 is the clear winner.

bib ad re 9

However, I plan to keep the glues and use them for my Drunkards path quilt that I want to make as my guild challenge. I will then submit it for consideration in the IQF in Chicago. So far I have the glue to help me on the corners!

This is obviously not a scientific study. I would have had to use the exact same fabrics to really test them under the same conditions. But heck, I didn't want 3 of the same bib, I wanted 3 months worth!

bib ad re 10 b

Which is exactly what I got! Henry will be using a bib this month so it was fun to give it a holiday flavor. For January, he'll need #5 and who knows if the snowflakes will be appropriate, it's Chicago after all.

Finally for February, I wanted to acknowledge Valentine's day but not be too "hearty" or am I being sexist? I hope not! Come March, I will making new bibs and I think I will be looking for the best batting then. Or maybe still investigating adhesives.

I am just grateful that my age isn't given in months. 750 months old sounds really old!

Sew happy!

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