A Quilter Holiday Newsletter the fake version

Dear Family and Friends,

July 1

I am determined to get my Holiday newsletter done early this year and sent off right after Thanksgiving. This year has been a pretty good one quilting wise. You might remember that my New Year's Resolution was to visit a new quilt store each week and who can visit a store without buying a little something? The first 26 have been terrific.

July 28

1950htmlemailtemplateI am still early enough to get this in the mail. Speaking of mail, those credit card bills come in a bit too regularly. My new resolution is to sew only from my Stash and to make all of my presents. I know everyone wants a quilt, am I right?

August 17

We went on vacation and who goes on vacation without buying any fabric? I held a destash sale on my Facebook page and used all the money I made to buy more fabric. Clever, yes? Time is flying along, I better make lap quilts this year instead.

September 29

The using my stash is working out really well. I scaled back a bit, making table runners for everyone! I've even cut at least half of the blocks so when you get yours, you'll know it was made in the fall! Speaking of which, I better go clean up that fabric that fell out of my secret stash closet.

October 13

Have you ever stepped on a piece of fabric on a wooden floor? It will take you for quite a ride and the ending is bumpy. Doctor tells me I will get the boot off c27bff74c592684064a364af1866440asoon. It's the foot that I use to power the sewing machine so I just keep on cutting block pieces and I will sew them up in a jiffy.

November 30

I am back on track now and almost ready to send my newsletter out. My foot is fine, the stash is all straightened up and I am nearly done cutting out all the blocks.

December 15

I am done! Cutting, I mean. I have placed each block in a zip lock bag and written the name of the block on the bag. That way, I can get them all stitched up in like a night.

December 30

This is my final attempt at finishing my holiday newsletter. I am revising it to a New Year's greetings, like they do in France, Newsletter-Downloadallowing me to actually be right on time. Formidable, oui?

I have also included a zip lock bag with the pieces of one quilt block, the name of which is clearly written on front. I am sure you can easily find piecing directions online. Just stitch up that one block, send it back to me and I will make up table runners for all. Sew fun, yes?

Or maybe a Christmas quilt for me. Definitely one of the two.

Happy Holidays!

Your quilting buddy

I would never actually send a Quilter Holiday newsletter with baggies like this because no one would actually sew up the blocks and return them.

Or would you?

Sew happy!

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