I am a closeted Dachshund lover

Most of the time I write happily about quilts and sewing. I enjoy sharing my projects with you plus talking quilt! But today I saw a clip on the news which made me smile like a crazy fool.

I realize you might be thinking, huh? What's the deal Kathy? I understand and it's time to come clean.slides039

I am a closeted Dachshund lover.  I just can't get enough of the little cuties. I think it began as a kid when we had a dachshund mix. Here is Sam with my little sister Maureen and yours truly. (Thanks for not mentioning the babushka.)

1966Poor Sam went to live "on a farm" as we told my younger sister. We then got Gretel who was a pure bred Dachshund. Poor Gretel didn't live so long either went to live on the farm also.

And thanks for noticing that I was slightly less awkward. But our family loved these dogs and we even have a super cute picture of my sister playing with one. slides031

Awww! I got this in my blood at a young age.

You might be confused at this point. You might be thinking, you have a dog? What's this?

No, sigh, I don't. My older daughter was hospitalized 7 times with asthma attacks when we found out she was allergic. No question, we put our dogs up for adoption.

But that wiener love just lives on. I have two friends on Facebook who have miniature dachshunds 11391405_897330940327941_3972737884373568630_nand I drool over the pictures they post. Well, the dogs drool also so it gets kind of sloppy.11390224_893871604007208_1326700556041279071_n

I secretly stalk the I love Dachshund page on Facebook.  You too? Did you see this post? How about this one?

Hold on, I am getting off track. (You saw those dogs on the track in the video, yes?)

My point, and I do have one, is that these little hidden preferences are part of  who we are. It's fascinating to discover something new about someone you've known for a while.

Hidden talents, undisclosed achievements or new attributes are great surprises. My secret might not be at the "Oh, I won a Nobel prize once" level of surprising but it is a hidden pleasure of mine.

In my fantasy life one of the other 3 units in my condo building would buy a miniature dachshund and I would have visitation. I would sew the little cutie dog beds, rain slickers and sports jerseys.

I would even take this imaginary dog on the occasional walk and kick in on the dog food. I could dog sit when they go on vacation.

But the sad truth is that I don't really want to own a dachshund in reality. Why? For a variety of reasons.

  • I like to sleep late which can lead to doggie accidents.
  • I love my wooden floors which are in perfect shape.
  • I live on the second floor and when it's cold and raining, I really don't want to walk even the cutest dog.
  • My daughter is still very allergic.
  • I already have a pet of sorts, my dear husband. He's already housebroken.

So I will continue to indulge my love for these dogs on the sly. I will look at their pictures and seek out their videos. It won't be as fabulous as a real dog, I know.

But it will also be warmer in the winter.

Wiener dog videos make me sew happy. Here's another one.

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And if you haven't had enough videos, heck, here is one more!

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