Colors of fabrics through the decades

My guild wanted to investigate colors of fabrics through the decades so I volunteered to spearhead the research. I had fun looking up various sites on this topic. Some focused on furniture and others on clothing or houses.  I also did a search for major events of each decade.  I had fun making a melange of these sites to come up with examples of fabric for each decade. What helped is that I could remember many of these decades, :)

I wanted to show examples for each decade so I went through my own digital picture files and found one to exemplify each decade from 1920 to 2015. I love history, doing research and writing so this all came together for me. After I did the presentation at guild, they asked me to take pictures of the fabrics and put them on our website.

I thought, wait, I can do one better. I can do a blog post on colors of fabrics through the decades. I hope you enjoy flipping through the images as much as I enjoyed coming up with this post.

Let's start the colors of fabrics through the decades with the 1920's, shall we?

Sew happy!

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