10 reasons I nap and you should too

When I was in school I did not nap. I would sleep as much as I could during the week and then sleep massive amounts on the weekend. Once I began working I learned the wonder of the power nap and would grab a quick one after school. Once I had children, I did not nap, I was exhausted constantly. I used to joke that my middle name was tired.

nap re 4Lo and behold, my school schedule changed and  I got home  before my children. I would run to my bed and fall asleep almost immediately. My youngest would burst through the door and wake me up.

Then I started being able to sleep on planes. Trains. And yep, automobiles. But I felt a bit guilty napping.nap re 1

I would claim medical reasons. I have a slight cold. Oy, my head hurts.

Now, I nap with pride. In fact, I have 10 reasons I nap and you should too. Be thrilled that you are getting a little extra sleep. Here's why I love it.

1. I feel great when I wake up1. Before the nap, I am tired and shuffling around, after I feel refreshed and ready to go.

2. I am more productive. If I don't get enough sleep, I don't get much done. I make sewing mistakes. After I nap, I am ready to be productive.

3. I am healthier. I don't have headaches if I get enough sleep. I don't get colds. My blood pressure is lower.

4. It is safer. I have had problems with getting sleepy while driving for a long time. I chew gum, sing, put the windows down and drink coffee. But having a nap earlier in the day works the best.

nap re 25. I perform better. My memory is better, I am better at quilting and sewing, I stick to tasks and my brain is functioning better.

6. Kids are smart. Young kids take naps. (Well except for my granddaughter.) Why should they have all the fun?

7. I look better. No more bags under my eyes. No more yawning at inopportune moments. nap re 3

8. It gives me something to look forward to all day. If I wake up early or have a bad night's sleep, I smile thinking of the nap I am going to have.

9. I love it. It's fun to lie down and doze off. Just for an hour or less. Try it you will like it.

10. Experts agree. There are studies and health sites which back me up. If you don't have insomnia, naps are great. Read here or here! But for some caveats about napping, click here. 

Naps are something which make me Sew happy!

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My mother was the master of the 15 minute power nap. She also said a lot of funny things. Read them here in Momquotes.

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