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Quilt as you go bag is finished!

I was so excited to finish sewing this last night. I just wanted to run around shouting the Quilt as you go bag is finished! And indeed it is. I think I could have made a quilt as fast but now my yoga blocks and blanket will have a classy place to stay and look... Read more »

Bo Derek hates aging but I love it

Have you read lately that Bo Derek hates aging? I guess it’s big news! You can read about her feelings here or here. I am shocked that anyone would say this especially someone with the looks that she once had. I just wonder why Bo Derek hates aging but I love it Let’s take a... Read more »

Quilt as you go Bag part two

Normally making a bag is much easier than part one showed. That is because you are generally just using fabric and maybe adding a pocket or six. However, if you put a lot of time into creating something unique and quilted that makes a cool bag. Now that I have this cool quilted front I... Read more »

Blue birds of happiness and the generosity of Quilters

In everyone’s home there are pieces and parts of your life. There are books, photos, art and travel souvenirs. They may blend into the background but they are there. In our home we have many blue birds of happiness scattered in every room. They are there to remind us of our granddaughter, Darcy, who lives... Read more »

Quilt as you go Bag part one

I was lucky enough to attend the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival and while I was there, I had some great classes. I even wrote about them! Sometimes I am bad about starting a project in a class and then not finishing it right away when I get home. And by sometimes, I mean most... Read more »

Color running problems are solved thanks to fellow Quilters

I recently finished the No Dragons on my Quilt and fretted a bit about the colors running when I had to wash it. I was overwhelmed with the generous and compassionate outpouring of advice, help and support that I received from all of you. It touched my heart and more, my color running problems are... Read more »

New way to cut fabric strips

I love writing about quilting almost as much as I love quilting and sewing. I am lucky enough to do that right here at ChicagoNow and also, once a month at Havel’s Sewing Blog. They are really nice to me at Havel’s and recently asked me if I needed anything. I asked for a replacement... Read more »

The bliss of giving a quilt to a child

My granddaughter Zara loves quilts, bless her heart. She sleeps with three that I have made at her house and one or two at mine. She learned early to say the word quilt and a common phrase from this two and a half year old is “I need a quilt!” However, most of these quilts... Read more »

No Dragons on my Quilt is finished

I am just thrilled to report that the No Dragons on my Quilt is finished. It’s quilted, it’s trimmed, it’s bound and it’s ready for Zara. It’s such a joyful feeling to have finished something. Let’s examine how I finally got here. When I last wrote about this cutie quilt, I had finished the top.... Read more »

Longarm threading sewing hack

How do you feel about that title, longarm threading sewing hack? It seems a bit goofy to me to call a trick or a tip a hack but I see it all over the internet. This technique is so spectacular I had to use a new word (to me) to describe it! First time I... Read more »