Reading and Discussing Uncle Tom's Cabin

Few things make me happier than quilting but some are just as great. One of those is reading. I love my book club groups! We are smart women who love to read, talk and nibble together. Sunday was my thrice yearly meeting of my 3 Classics in One Year Book Club, what fun.

Uncle Tom's Cabin re 2Our selection this time was Uncle Tom's Cabin. I didn't finish it until 1:30 in the morning and I had a loose plan of serving pie. Why pie? Well, it's delicious but they make and eat pies early in the book.

I am glad we read this book as it fit well after another club had read The Invention of Wings. I wrote a post about that book which you can read if you want.Uncle Tom's Cabin re 1

Sometimes I do sewing which matches the theme of the book. This was a hard book to do that with so I went with my old standby, blue. I had two square quilts which a very good friend had made as table toppers for a wedding shower she gave for my oldest daughter.

Not only did she do that but then she gave me two of the quilts. Wow! As they were used on tables, I did that today.

I used my Hadley pottery as it has a country feel to it and much of the book takes place in the country. I put little animal cream pitchers in the center of the table as the book has many nature elements.

We always discuss the books with questions I get on various sites. I used them from this site as well as another. We went through the questions and pondered the book quite a bit. It was a great discussion.

Uncle Tom's Cabin re 3I always run the questions off but you could just read them off a tablet or your phone. Using a hard copy is generational I think!

Are you wondering about the food, don't worry! We always have yummy things and today was no exception.

My daughter made a mushroom and blue cheese tart and Holly brought a tomato and basil quiche.Uncle Tom's Cabin re 4 My darling husband went to the store and picked up salad for us. Thanks honey!

I had a pitcher of ice water, a pitcher of iced tea and a pitcher of cold brewed coffee on the table. I love the cold brewed coffee from a local restaurant and my husband also picked that up for us plus cream and vanilla syrup. Uncle Tom's Cabin re 5He's such a great help!

So you might be wondering did you do anything, Kathy? Why yes I did! I walked to the Farmers' Market and picked up delicious pies. We had blueberry, triple berry with a crumb top, chocolate silk and strawberry rhubarb.

We are so darn lucky to have Marilyn's Bakery come to our Farmers' Market. Their pies are club re

We also did something new this time. We took the picture of the attendees with a selfie stick! My daughter brought hers over and we looked up and embraced a change.

We also remarked on the changes since the book was written. And we all hoped for even more changes and acceptance of all people in the future.

Now wouldn't that be a change that would make you Sew happy!

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See the blue and white runner under the savory pies? I have a post that will tell you just how to make it!

Or if you'd like to see my last book club post, click here.

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