No Dragons on my Quilt Blocks are finished

What were you doing last October 7th? Can't remember? Well, I can because that is when I began working on Z's No Dragons on my Quilt blocks. There were 12 blocks, I thought I would finish the blocks in less than a month. I even announced the beginning in a post dedicated to Jean Ray Laury.

Dragon blocks re 1`Or 8 months, yikes! Yes, here it is the middle of May and all 16 blocks are finally finished.

I guess I didn't quite embrace applique the way I had hoped. I adore piecing, I like the pace and precision.Dragon blocks re 2

I admire the heck out of applique, I just don't love the process. You are never going to make much progress if all you want is the product and aren't loving the process. That is my problem with cooking.

The first 4 blocks went pretty quickly, especially after I started using stabilizer for the blocks. I thought, all right. I even wrote about it.

So four blocks in about 3 weeks and then 9 in 7 months. Yes, I did slow down. I love the quilt, I do.

I just found the cutting of all the pieces and all the steps somewhat tedious. Dragon blocks re 3

But I persevered and tonight was one wonderful feeling.

I have two mistakes. The first block was made without the stabilizer so it's a bit unruly. The Ice Cream cones block I somehow used two pieces of white fabric instead of a piece of stabilizer paper.

Dragon blocks re 4Oh well, I mean really, what the heck. I think Zara will still love it!

And she will love it even more when it is all done. Every time she comes up to the studio I tell her I am making her this quilt.

I think she may have rolled her eyes last time I mentioned it.

I have the solids and the backing fabric and I would love to have this ready to quilt in a week. Because I have a t-shirt quilt and a flannel quilt I want to get done before June 1st.

After June 1st, I want to start sewing for the new baby grandson due in August.

Um, yes, I will have to pick up the pace!

Sew happy!

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