Imaginary Letters seeking Quilting and Sewing Advice

I have a fairly active imagination and can slip into fantasy mode pretty quickly. You might think of it as "that Kathy day dreams a lot." And I do! But some of my best day dreams end up as quilts, posts or observations I make about life and force my hubby to listen to. You can see why he encourages me to write this blog.

abby and sis reOne of these occurrences was when I was reading the paper. I love Advice Columns and I read them all, Dear Abby, Dear Amy and Dear Prudence. These columnists don't know much more than anyone else but Dear Abby did publish one of my letters years ago so obviously, they are smart.

What if I tweaked the genre and wrote imaginary letters seeking quilting and sewing advice. Not just any imaginary letters, funny ones. Well, I will try to make them funny. Can we agree on funny-ish?

Then I will write terribly witty responses to those letters and a good time will be had by all. Who's in? Great, let's go.

Dear Ms. Sew 'n Sew,

My sewing machine won't work. No light, no needle going up and down, nothing.

What should I do?

Sad Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Plug it in.

You're welcome.

Ms. Sew 'n Sew

bums_advice_column_newspaper_256995 (1)


Dear Ms. Sew 'n Sew,

My quilt guild is changing. Young quilters, male quilters and even those modern quilters are bringing strange new ideas to meetings. We've even had some speakers they have recommended.

What can I do to make sure that I only sew with talented traditional quilters like myself.

Standard Bearer

Dear Standard,

Quilt by yourself.

Ms. Sew 'n Sew

blog advice re

Dear Ms. Sew 'n Sew,

I love meeting with my Bee to stitch, sip and chat. My problem is that some of the ladies serve wine which I sip to be polite. The day after the wine get togethers when I examine my stitches they are nowhere near my normal quality of workmanship.

Do you think one of the other members mistakenly was working on my project or even worse, sabotaged my sewing on purpose?

Betty Bee

Dear Betty,

Yes, and that member's name is Cabernat, Chardonnay or possibly Rose.

Ms. Sew 'n Sew

dearabby re

Dear Ms. Sew 'n Sew,

I never seem to get very many quilts done. All the other quilters I know seem to finish quilts all the time.

How can I finish at least twice the number of quilts?

Perplexed Polly

Dear Polly,

Double the amount of time you spend sewing.

Ms. Sew 'n Sew

I could keep amusing myself and go on and on but I sense you're groaning. Just a little bit? How about you, need any advice from Ms. Sew 'n Sew?

You know what they say, free advice is generally worth what you paid for it!

Sew happy!

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If you enjoy pretend items about quilting, check out these license plates.

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