The Value and Cost of Making quilts - a response to Quiltonomics

In the quilt world a recent blog post made quite a splash. Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Making Quilts by Jennifer Moore spells out the facts and figures of being a quilter and what people are willing to pay for a quilt. It reminds me of my post about Why I don't Quilt for Money. I think that stats must be staggering for some but I would like to look beyond the money to the value and cost of making quilts.

In her article, Jennifer writes, " What I found jaw-dropping was the statistic that dedicated quilters typically own $13,000 in tools and supplies, and their fabric stash is worth close to $6,000."

I would counter that stash and equipment like that is what a life time quilter has accumulated.

Yes, machines can be expensive, I have a Longarm, I know! But, a beginning quilter need not put anything close to that amount of money. My biggest fear is that this article will scare away new quilters.

I recently wrote my month post for Havels on this very topic of new quilters and how to get them started. You can read it here. I didn't add up the money but to launch Olivia we didn't even approach 500.00 and that encompassed her birthday and Christmas presents for a couple of years!

What I would like to really expand on however, is the value of quilting. Many people who can afford to participate in hobbies for their body, mind or soul. Boats and motorcycles are expensive but people love them. I know folks with vacation cabins and RVs which are not cheap.

I don't think some activities can be viewed with an economic lens, you have to look at the value of the activity. What are the benefits versus the cost?value

What is the value of quilting in my life?

Quilting kept me sane during my first marriage. I have quilts which know all about me and my troubles. They helped me cope.

Quilting has allowed me to be creative, use my hands and make beauty. The part of my brain that needs to not only see but be a part of art is satisfied.

Quilting has beautified my home and those of my loved ones. Out of the emotional support and artistic need very wonderful and practical articles have come into being.

Quilting has made my retirement purposeful and joyful. I have more time to sew and satisfy my tactile needs. I write this blog and feel I have accomplished something. It helped me transition.

Quilting has propelled me towards using and understanding technology. I have acquired new skills creating this blog, meeting quilters on Twitter and posting pictures on Instagram. The motivation to grow and learn was because of the fabric.

Quilting has extended my world of friends. I have become active in my modern quilters guild and met great people. I have made all kinds of Twitler friends on Twitter and even gotten to meet some of them face to face. It's not easy to make new friends unless you are a quilter.

Quilting has made me mentally sharp, happy with friends and activities plus let me create pieces for my loved ones. My life is infinitely better because of quilting.

And sure, it's cost me some bucks. But do you want to know why  I continue spending money on quilting?

Because it's worth it and then some.

Sew happy!

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In fact no matter what the problem, quilting is the answer. Read this post and find out why.

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