The lack of manners or humility of Britt McHenry shows her true character

Quilting and sewing are wonderful subjects for a blog. Our foibles are funny and our quirks endearing. We complain a bit about the quilt police but the fabric world is a pretty nice place to create and write. I try to focus on my wonderful corner of the universe but sometimes, the rudeness in the other parts of the world intrudes upon my stitching paradise. Such is the case with the recent ESPN reporter whose car was towed. The lack of manners or humility of Britt McHenry is a lesson for us all, a cautionary tale of when hubris destroys our basic human decency.

In case you missed her rant, here it is.

We have all been frustrated, really frustrated. But we have to realize that unless we are dealing with the president of the company our anger is misplaced.  I have even said to clerks or workers, I know you didn't make this policy but I am so frustrated right now. In addition, if I was alerted to being recorded I think I would have the sense to stifle my remarks and write a letter later.

In this video there are several comments that make me really sad about how a minor celebrity thinks she can treat people. No one should treat people badly let alone someone who has had some really lucky breaks in life. Let's examine some of her insults.

Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? Yes, Ms. McHenry has really nice teeth, so do I. Do you know why I do? britt reBecause my parents took me to the dentist regularly and made me brush my teeth. I was lucky to have good dental care and I have been able to continue it. I don't get the point of insulting people's teeth.

That’s why I have a degree and you don’t. I have a degree also and I would never taunt anyone about it. I was lucky, my dad paid for me to go to college and I got a scholarship for my Master's. Britt went to Stetson college and played soccer.  Then  she got a Master's in Journalism at Northwestern. She paid her way by working as a model for Wilhemina. Most people, like me, don't have the looks to pay for college from our modeling money. She is really lucky, she won the genetic lottery on looks. She should be grateful for that gift, not berating others.

bm soccer reThat’s all you care about is taking people’s money…with no education, no skill set. Just wanted to clarify that. Britt did very well in college but if her genetically supplied looks were different I doubt that at age 28 she would have the break at ESPN. Britt's skill set should include some humility.

Why? Because I have a brain and you don’t? What Britt has is a college education and a lack of good manners. I bet the clerk wished she had a degree also. Maybe Britt could help her out instead of berating her.

I’m on television and you’re in a f------g trailer, honey. Actually at that moment they were both in the trailer being recorded and soon, both were on TV. Britt has been suspended and the clerk's employers are very proud of her composure.

Lose some weight, baby girl. And finally, the fat shaming comes out. Britt McHenry is really skinny and according to her interview with Jeff Pearlman, always has been. She has probably always had access to healthy food, safe places to play sports and time to work out.

The clerk might not have had those advantages. But even if Britt had had to diet like crazy all her life, she should not mock another person's weight. I've been heavy all my life and I know it, I have working eyes and a mirror. I bet the clerk knows her weight as well.

In this video Britt flips out rude and mean comments pretty quickly. I imagine she either says, thinks or feels those insults about others for them to come flying bm instagram reout her mouth so readily.

Ms. McHenry loves Instagram and twitter. Interesting that this is a photo that she posted recently.twit re

She tweeted an apology, of sorts. It didn't really do it for me. Apologizing to the woman herself with a generous gift, now that would have impressed me.

Why am I writing about this, why does it bother me?

Because life is hard enough without people being mean to you. I hate the way everyone is so rude lately on social media, especially people who can well afford to be nice to others. I think of the adage, to whom much has been given, much will be required. And I believe that completely.

Be nice to people, it costs nothing. It makes you look good and is way more important than nice teeth, a college education and a job on TV. Show class and grace under pressure.

And if you're mad at a towing company, follow the lead of the late, great Steve Goodman from Chicago. He wrote a song about Lincoln Park Towing.

Now that kind of complaint makes me Sew happy!

So does writing about quilting which I will return to post haste!

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