Perfect tin for Storing Pins

Recently I wrote a post about Decorative tins, my love for them and how I use them all over the house. It was fun to write and even more fun to read your comments. (I was relieved no one said, What are you some kind of tin nut?) One of the comments I really took to heart. A reader suggested that I needed a tin for my pins. Oh my, I gasped, she's right.

Immediately my mission became to find the perfect tin for storing pins. But which pins? My every day pins are on a magnetic pin "cushion"su re 4 and I love it. In fact, I have two of them.

su re 6But wait a darn minute, what about those pins I have for my Longarm?  I have two sets of them and they are merely stored in paper boxes. Pffft on paper boxes!

Then I caught Zara reaching in for those boxes on my Longarm table. That was it. I needed pin tins and I needed them now.

I remembered writing about Sucrets tins and how I always kept bobby pins in them. All I had to do was to find Sucrets and problem solved.

Of course I googled them and I found out that they were reissuing their throat lozenges in the tins. Hip hip hooray.

Now, to find them. I did find them on but you had to order 6 tins of them. That's a lot of throat re 5

What about Walgreens? Maybe my very own drugstore within walking distance of my condo would have them. (Don't be startled, I drove, it's just a phrase.)

Hot diggity dog! Look what I found in the throat lozenge section. And do you notice that the only one that su re 1comes in tins is the one that is almost sold out? I grabbed two.

I opened them up and was happy I had gotten two different flavors! I took out the lozenges which was easy because they were in a blister pack.

Then I poured the pins into the empty tins which was a semi annoying task. The pins stuck in the paper, through the cellophane and spilled. su re 2

Don't worry! I persevered and ta da! Everything fit nicely. Yes, the blister packs even fit in the paper boxes. Perfection!

su re 3

I placed my newly filled perfect tins for storing pins on my Longarm table. They looked wonderful, all secure and tinny! I love them.

There's only one problem.

Anyone need any throat lozenges?

Sew happy!

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