I messed up my Daughters' 8th grade Dance

Tonight is a semi regular event here at ChicagoNow. We all have an hour to write on the same general topic. This month's topic is: Write about a time you made a mistake or were wrong about something. Wow, talk about a topic I can write about! I messed up flights, dates, reservations and simple things like library books. Which mistake to pick? How many posts do you want? It seems to me if the mistake is something I still regret, then it's a good choice.

I messed up my Daughter's 8th grade dance by not verifying every single aspect of the dance dress code. I thought I had read every letter, every list and followed every rule, but nope, I didn't. And there wasn't just one child involved, oh no, there were two.

Cliff and I married in 2000 and created "divorce twins" - we both had daughters in 5th grade. And the oldest was in college so I really had to watch the money. Well, I guess I have always had to but these were really our lean years.

All the girls liked clothes, a lot! I would save coupons, shop sales and limit what I would spend. I also looked ahead and knew when they would need special and by special I mean expensive clothes.dance 8th grade re

When Shelby and Olivia were in 7th grade I knew they would have the 8th grade formal dance. Not my choice of how 8th grade should culminate but a fact nonetheless. The minute Prom season was over, I started hunting the sales.

When Prom dresses were at 75% off I brought them both with me and we found a dress for each of them. I felt so frugal and clever. Both dresses did not have low necklines and both had at least two inch straps. We were golden!

I bought them a bit big and altered each when the dance was close. I was so darn proud of myself. We had even saved enough to make hair appointments for each of them!

Throughout the year we managed to pick up shoes and jewelry along with sports uniforms, play costumes and every other thing they needed. We brought it in under budget. I made them silver drawstring purses.  Finally the big night arrived.

Photo107I dropped both girls at the entrance and my older daughter accompanied them to make sure everything was OK. Soon they came running out to tell me they weren't allowed in as both of their dresses had a cut out section in the back.

I thought my head would explode. I ran in and I wasn't the nicest Mom in town. The compromise was that they could enter if they had shawls covering the cut out back section.

We all jumped in the car and I drove 20 minutes to the mall. I gave my credit card to my oldest daughter and she ran in with the two younger ones. I was so mad at the world and mainly myself.girls and me dance

I had told Emily not to worry about money and sure enough, she didn't. They came tearing back out with gorgeous shawls which cost four times what the dresses had.

We drove back to school and I kept apologizing to them, telling them it was all my fault. What made me feel worse was that they were so understanding about it.

I dropped them off an hour late to the dance. This was what they had been anticipating for years and I had messed it up.

fairyTurns out the girls didn't even care about the dance, they loved the spaghetti dinner after party where they could ditch the shawls.

I was mad at those dresses and I even remade Shelby's into a fairy costume the next year. I only have one question for all of you.

Anyone need some shawls? Only worn once.

Sew happy!

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