Getting to Know Our Readers - Ninth in a series

Are you ready to meet Nini Frank? She is our latest jewel in the getting to know our readers series. Get ready as Nini is just as fascinating as our other new buds. Nini was born and raised in Europe and considers Vicenza, Italy her home. Naturally she speaks Italian fluently but currently lives in San Diego, CA.

nina frank re 5Nini learned how to sew from her Mother who taught her to hand sew Barbie clothes when she was little. Sadly, her mother died soon after that so her lessons continued in Home Ec class where she learned to make her own clothes. She continued that with making her kids' clothes until one day when a friend taught her how to quilt. That was 30 years ago and she's still quilting so I would say those lessons took!

With Nini's international background it's easy to guess that one of her favorite activities is travelling. She even met her husband while traveling in Egypt. Cool souvenir! Nina loves all kinds of food but her preferred cuisine is from Mexico and Morocco, plus chocolate. (YUM!)nina frank re 1

She is a member of a build and adores getting together with her quilty friends for retreats.  You can see the results of all her quilt activity sprinkled through this post. Gorgeous one and all!

The guild has several small break out groups from that big group that she belongs to:  One meets twice a month and works on Project Linus quilts. Another works on big quilts for their yearly auction plus one that works on small projects for their yearly auction.

nina frank re 2Is that all? No way! She also belongs to to two other quilt groups from where she used to work, one from the PICU and one from the ER.  They meet once a month at a member's home from 9 AM to 9 PM, sewing, laughing and talking the whole time.  And yes, there are snacks!

Nini sews in her sewing room at home, others' homes and at retreats.  She likes to name quilts whatever the name of the pattern which makes sense! She speaks Italian,since her Italian step-mother's family didn't speak any English, she had to learn.  And subito!  And she keeps it up by attending Italian classes to this day.

Her words of wisdom?  There are no quilt police!  If it works for you, it works.  End of story!nina frank re 3

The phrase she says most often is "what can I do to help"?  She learned that after a bad car accident, where so many of her siblings came to help her. She learned offering help helps the soul....hers!

Doesn't Nini sound like a great quilting buddy? Quilters are the best and she is no exception!

Quilters make me Sew happy!

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