Double Friendship Star Block Tutorial

Last week I wrote a tutorial for a Double Churn Dash Block. I enjoyed making it and writing the blog post. Plus, it was for a group quilt so I set about dispatching it. I quickly reviewed the attributes of the contributions - white background, check. Bright colors, check. 9.5" unfinished, check. Star block. What? Oh yes, I did forget to cover that detail. I had to think of something, make it and send that puppy off, STAT.

dfs re 1Thus was born the double friendship star block tutorial. I had so much fun making the other block a double, why not keep it up? So I did!

I cut out and pieced the squares for a 9.5" block and a 3.5" block. How did I get there? dfs re 5

9.5" star - 

  • Cut two blue and two white 3 7/8" squares.
  • Cut four 3.5" white squares.
  • If you are making it single, cut one 3.5" blue square.
  • Now cut out small star

3.5" star - 

  • Cut two blue and two white 1 7/8" squares.
  • Cut four 1.5" white squares
  • Cut one 1.5" blue square

dfs re 6

Whenever you have a square that ends in 7/8 it is probably going to be cut into triangles. You could cut it in half right now and make those. BUT if you sew it first and then cut, your triangles will be true to measure.

Any fabric cut on the bias will stretch and get a bit wonky.

Sewing it first solves that problem.dfs re 7

Draw a slight pencil line on the white bigger squares for both stars. Place them on top of a blue square. If they aren't sticking together, iron them. It works for me.

I use my quarter inch seam foot to sew a line on each side of the pencil line.

Double Friendship Star 008

Now that they are sewed and secure, I clip along the line. I press toward the blue fabric and clip the dog ears.

The other squares in this block are just squares so line them up and start sewing. Just like that? Yes, just like that! dfs re 10

Sew the rows together in the small block first. Press so seams go in opposite directions. Place the small star as the center block of the large star.

Sew the rows together, press carefully to reduce bulk. Don't have seams with the seam on the same side.

dfs re 11

And ta-da! You are finished. This block goes together faster than the double churn dash as there is a bit less piecing.

I was happy that I had read all the directions and could sign my name to the block and mail it off.

The teacher in me hated that I had not done the previous assignment correctly.

I hope it doesn't hurt my grade!

Sew happy!

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If the Friendship star and blue look familiar, it's because of the last quilt I finished. Read it here and remember! Or see all the entries for this challenge here.

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