Double Churn Dash Block Tutorial

Years ago I took a class to learn how to quilt. We made a sampler of 12 different blocks which was a great way to start. I learned a lot and some of the blocks I may have mastered a technique but I would never make them again. Not so with the Churn Dash, it continues to interest me. Somewhere in me there is a Churn Dash quilt begging to be made. Maybe not this year but sometime.

I decided to fiddle around with a Churn Dash block and see if I still liked it as the last time I made one was in 1983, practically yesterday I know! As I fiddled with the block it turned into a different block. I took pictures and thought I would share my double churn dash block tutorial with you.

dd re 0

I cut out the pieces for a 9" block and a 3" block, both finished sizes. The middle square of the 9" block is 3.5" unfinished, the exact same as the 3" dd 00finished block. To nest these blocks, find a smaller one that is the same size as the middle square of the larger one.

For the larger or the smaller block you need 4 half square triangles and 4 squares of two equal sized rectangles sewn together.

When you get the pieces all cut out, sew the triangle blocks and then the rectangles. The center block is the same size as the finished triangle and rectangle squares. It's just a fancy 9 patch.

Then sew the rows together. Lets break that down.

dd re 6For the 9 inch block cut 2 white squares and 2 pink squares that measure 3 7/8".

For the 3 inch block cut 2 white squares and 2 pink squares that measure 1 7/8".

Draw a line down the middle of the two white squares for both blocks.dd re 10

Sew 1/4" from that line on both sides for both blocks.

In the picture, I put a black arrow as my pencil line turned out to be too light to see.

For the rectangles you will need 4 pink and 4 white 2 by 3.5" for the 9 inch block.

dd 5 reFor the 3 inch block the 2 pink and two white will measure 1" by 1.5".

I cut strips of the larger dimensions and then cut them down to the smaller size.

From the strips, I cut the pieces I needed.dd re 12

And yes, because I was making only one block, I had some leftover strip scraps. If you were making a whole quilt, that wouldn't be an issue.

I flash pieced the rectangles together.

dd re 11You can see all the pieces for the larger block and how I cut them.

I pressed the pieces towards the pink side and assembled them. Before I sew I like to make sure everything is lining up correctly.dd 000

Piece the smaller churn dash first, it replaces the center block of the larger block. Press it nicely when you are done.

It has a 1.5" center square. If the bigger one was not nested, it would have a 3.5" square.

dd re 13Each block I sew in rows and then sew the rows together.

You are basically making the same block twice, just in different sizes.

The smaller one is tucked in the middle of the larger one.

I'm pretty darn happy with the finished block. But I like a traditional block as well. Maybe both in one quilt? Hmmmm....

Maybe that churn dash quilt is going to appear sooner than I thought. Now I just have to decide what colors, fabrics, size and for whom. All of that will be exciting and fun.

Sew happy!

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