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Gleefully seeking advice for a Baby Boy Peacock Quilt

Those of you who read my blog may remember the post I wrote last September on Babies and Life and Death and Love. It was a trying and tearful time for my daughter and son in law and all who loved them.  Today’s post is written from the opposite side of the tunnel, the side... Read more »

DIY Walker Bag with Pockets Tutorial

This is a closeup of the finished bag, pockets on front, back and inside.
Last December I wrote about visiting my father in the hospital after he fell and broke his spine. He is home now and has a super cool chair sit to go up the stairs and a nifty chair which helps him up in the den. His spine is healed and he is making friends with... Read more »

9 ways to find Quilters in a group

Last month was my first experience at a really big quilt show where I spent the night, away from friends and family. Usually I just hit quilt shows in the Chicago area for a day trip. When I was there I found it incredibly easy to strike up a conversation, eat lunch with or shoot... Read more »

17 reasons why it's Great to be Irish in Chicago

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day and tis a great day to be Irish, anywhere. But this whole weekend there are numerous reasons why it’s great to be Irish in Chicago. I could fill post after post but instead in honor of St. Patrick himself I will stick to 17! 1. Irish names – My... Read more »

Getting to Know Our Readers - 4th in a series

Here I am with another wonderful reader to share with all of you. And it’s the 4th in the Getting to Know Our Readers series. I love this series! This post is all about Irene Bears and her last name rhymes with Purse. I bet you didn’t expect that, I didn’t either! Irene lives in... Read more »

50 thoughts after visiting all 50 States

I had driven through Wyoming but finally got to stay awhile when we drove from Yellowstone to Idaho. Jackson was a pretty swanky town and we got turned down for a table at a restaurant. It made me laugh and realize the Wild West no longer existed.
I grew up in a family that took some fun and educational car trips for vacations. We would drive to my parents home town in Alton, Il and to the dunes in Michigan and Indiana. When we kids were older our family traveled several times to the East coast and Florida. After college I continued... Read more »

DIY Modern Irish Nine Patch Tutorial Part One

Year ago I made an Irish Chain for my daughter and I love it. In fact, I pretty much lust after it. Last year I bought a bunch of Irish fabric thinking that I would recreate one for myself. I’ve been letting that fabric marinate while I think about what kind of Irish quilt I... Read more »

10 Entertaining Facts About Embroidery

As a kid, my Mom did a fair amount of utilitarian embroidery for us. Every gym suit had my first name embroidered on the front and my last name on the back. She taught me how to do some simple stitches and I made a piece for my kitchen in my first place. Nowadays I... Read more »

Are you a Mild or Excessive Quilt Addict Quiz

I love quilts and I love making them, everything about making them. I have quilts in my house, I travel miles to see them and learn more techniques. I buy fabrics, tools, patterns and books. I have realized that I am, quite simply, a quilt addict. I can live with that, I really can. But... Read more »

10 Wonderful Irish Sayings for every part of the Day

You've just gotten up on St. Patrick's day and of course, The Irish have a proverb for the morning. And it's true!
It’s March! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Here in the States we’ve got great basketball, the promise of Spring and of course, St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve got to get ourselves ready emotionally and what better way than with wonderful Irish Sayings and Proverbs. As you go through the day keep remembering... Read more »
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