People and attractions at QuiltCon 2015

Some times I really put my mind to doing something and no matter what I get it done. Such was the case with QuiltCon this year. I had missed it in 2013 and I was bound and determined not to miss it this year. I fumbled the ball signing up for classes, didn't matter, I was still going. My husband got a new job and could only meet me on the weekend, that was okay. My daughter had to find an alternative person to watch Zara, we handled it.

Were all my issues pre trip? Nope! I got there and my hotel reservations had been canceled. Gulp! I miraculously got a room at the Hilton. I am so glad I persevered, not only because of the quilts but also because of the fabulous people and attractions at QuiltCon 2015.

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I did not go with a group, a buddy or a guild. Just me! I knew I could have a good time anyway but I was a tiny bit worried about eating lunch by myself. Social media to the rescue! Here I am with a quilter from Australia who is on Twitter, she is one of my Twilter buddies.

She tweeted and asked who was going. I raised my twitter hand and said ME! She then asked if I wanted to do lunch the first day. Did I ever!

I loved meeting Coral and learning so many things about her country. She is quite the quilter and has a big Australian show coming up with her quilt in it. Plus I had my first TexMex meal with her.tx pv re 5

Was she the only Twilter that I got to meet at QuiltCon? No! Glenna and I also managed to find each other there via Twitter. We're better at tweeting than we are at taking Selfies but it was such a blast to put a friendly face with quilting tweets!

Selfies and I were not done, oh no. A former student of mine read on Facebook that I was at QuiltCon and also read that a woman, Peta, who had been in her wedding was there as well. Quilters are everywhere!

tx pv re 2She introduced us via Facebook and it turns out we both live in the Chicago area and she's in the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. Her friend won the viewer's choice award. What a wonderfully small world it is!Tx pv re 6

I also got to meet Marti Michell who poses with elegance for pictures. I, on the other hand look like a drunk monkey! I swear all I drank was water! There was all kinds of fabulous water stations everywhere.

I was able to track down Marti because being a famous quilter, she was giving demonstrations. Wonderful ones about her templates for Log Cabin. I could barely get a moment as so many quilters were dying to talk to her.

I wanted to thank her for all the wonderful tools she had sent me. When we tried to take a picture, I thought I could bend tx pv re 8my knees so we could be more similar in height. (I've mentioned I'm pretty darn tall, yes?)

For some reason I couldn't keep a straight face while doing this. But hey, Marti is the brains and the looks, I am just a court jester of sorts.tx pv re 10

I should have taken more pictures, I met so many cool people. I was delirious with happiness. You can tell in this Moda picture that I was having a fabulous time!

And yes, I did change clothes it just so happens but of them were predominately blue. I love blue! Do you see the cool nametag? I got a few buttons for it, just enough.

I also, ahem, hit the vendor booths. I mean I really was a serious shopper. I got fabulous stuff!

Here are three of the five t-shirts I bought. Yes, five. Do not judge me! They are all the right size (big enough) and made of great cotton. I love them. In fact, I am wearing one right now.Tx pv re 7

On Wednesday night I registered and I got a great tote bag and it was full. When I got back to the hotel I dumped it all on the bed. Look at all the cool stuff I got, freebies! I feel like an Oscar participant with a Tx pv re 4swag bag.

But was I going to rely just on freebies. NO WAY! I needed to buy fabric as well.

So I did! I got gorgeous hand dyed fabrics from Cherrywood fabrics. They are luscious. I picked out mainly blue with some accent colors.Tx pv re 9 I also picked out super organic cottons from one of my favorite stores, Crimson Tate. And they recognized me!

You can see my QuiltCon t-shirt and one from Crimson Tate in this pile of loot. And some fabulous yardage to make dish towels. Sighs of contentment.

tx p v re 3

I had to haul around two heavy bags that day! But you know what a trouper I am, I managed to do it.

I saw tons of delightful quilts but too many for this post. That will be a separate one later this week. I have to crop all the photos.

Plus I had 3 sublime experiences with Angela Waters - two lectures and a class. That's going to be a whole separate post!

I have new fabrics to play with, pictures to edit and blog posts to write. Plus so many great memories to savor.

You can see why I am Sew happy!

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Here are previous posts about QuiltCon, my first and second.

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