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What if Quilters wrote Valentine Candy Hearts

I like cards, particularly Valentine’s Day cards. I sent out a bunch to my family and a few friends. I have two to give my husband! In the mail, I have gotten some in return. My favorite so far was a funny one that said at the top “What if Women wrote candy hearts?” Below... Read more »

DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial

I put a different quilt on my condo door each month, sometimes two. For a couple of years, I haven’t been thrilled with my February/Valentine’s day quilt. I made it 15 years ago and it looks it. It has sparkles on the fabric and scraps from my 33 year old daughter’s first twin sized quilt.... Read more »

Round Robin Continues

Good news, I got another box for the next stage of my participation in the Round Robin. Are you thinking, what Round Robin? Yep, I am in a Quilting Round Robin, it just got derailed a bit but now we are humming along again. If you need a little recap you can check out the... Read more »

Getting to Know Our Fellow Readers First Edition

Last week I published a post asking readers of the blog if I could get to know them better. That wasn’t all, I asked if I could then share the information with all of you. That way when you see each other commenting here or on the Facebook page you will say, oh yes, that... Read more »

Stitching Stars a Story Quilt book for Black History Month

Last week I wrote a post about how much I loved The Invention of Wings. The story was interwoven with the process of not only sewing but creating a story quilt crept into my head and set up housekeeping. I felt like I had made that story quilt along with Handful’s mom. I had to... Read more »

10 Goofy Quilter Valentines that will Make you Laugh

Too mean? It's just a joke, for real!
I saw a bunch of sarcastic and even some mean Valentines today on Facebook. People posted them as jokes and I have to tell you, they made me laugh. When I laugh I always think, wait, could I turn this into something fun to post on my blog. Short Answer? Yes! I spent some time... Read more »

Getting to Know other Readers

I love the community of quilters that reads my blog, comments and even comments on other people’s comments. Plus the extension of the blog is the Facebook page where I post the blog each day plus other funnies and articles. I have had such great reactions to my thoughts, my quilts, my stories, my sewing... Read more »

I hate Shopping at Malls

I used to LOVE to shop. I even closed a few malls, not bars, not clubs but malls. I loved walking around, seeing stuff, buying things that I shouldn’t and most of all a bargain. I shopped with girlfriends, my Mom, my sister and my children. I am not sure when it all changed but... Read more »

Facts about Oilcloth

When I hear the term Oilcloth I think of weathered sea captains wearing great yellow raincoats or maybe the Bobbsy Twins getting lemonade in the backyard from their Mom. I had never really thought more about it until I decided to make a highchair covered seat for Zara. Then I fell headlong down the rabbit... Read more »

Quilters should read The Invention of Wings during Black History Month

I recently had a wonderful experience reading The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. I wrote enthusiastically about it in this blog post. Not only did the book teach me a huge amount about wonderful quilts, it also sparked creativity in my own head. In addition, I got a terrific idea for posts for this month. I... Read more »