I will be a crazy fun Grandma in the Future

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza post night. We get one hour from the topic to publish. Here is tonight's topic:

"Pick any point of time in the future and write about what you hope/think/fear/expect your life will be like then"

I didn't even have to think hard about this, I will be a crazy fun Grandma to Zara. My goal is to be just like the great grandmotherla gm in the movie La Boum, Poupette. She was a complete hoot!  You can see her here in a scene with Vic, her great granddaughter.

I taught French for 16 years and my upper level students would read, write, listen, learn grammar and culture and speak each week and in that order. We would read short stories, then write about them the next day, listen to related French movies or recordings and then learn about the culture or grammar in the readings.

Every day, I tried to have the class be only in French, depending on the topic. On Fridays, we only spoke French and sometimes we would do skits or games based on what we had done that week. I was militant about the French and lenient about the laughter and fun.

A favorite unit was when we would read Les Aventures du Petit Nicolas stories in combination with the French movie La Boum. My students adored both la boumof these. And so did I!

I enjoyed watching the adventures of 13 year old Vic and her friend every year. The French was current and the problems of Vic were those of every student I had ever had. How do you fit in? Can you attend as well as throw a successful party? Will my crush like me back?

Sophie Marceau did a wonderful job showing a French teenager with universal angst. Her parents were having their own issues and so she turned to her Great Grandmother who was wild and crazy but also very wonderful and wise. la gmgm

In one scene from the movie the Poupette picks up Vic from school. There is funny craziness going on while Vic tries to point out her crush object and at first you aren't quite sure why.

Then the reason becomes evident as Poupette pulls out a fine camera complete with a wonderfully accurate zoom lens. She snaps away at Matthieu and labbboumlater on we see the pictures in Vic's room.

One is super blown up and is on the window shade so she can snap it out of sight. She kisses it every night. We all sighed romantically.

And through it all, Poupette is there for her. She doesn't judge, she is very modern but she steers Vic in the right direction.

Even when Vic is considering some adult decisions which are way too much for her, Poupette lets her talk and without seeming to, helps her make the right decision.la b

That is my goal in the for the future. I want to give Zara rides and do goofy things like take pictures of her crushes. I will even blow them up for her.

I know her parents will be busy working and being, well, parents. They will see to her dental appointments, clean soccer uniforms and daily vitamins.

I will make her crazy Halloween costumes, take her to French restaurants and maybe some R rated movies. She has to rebel against her parents and I will be there to help her see reason. Maybe we will even go out for tea.

And if she wants, she can call me Poupette.

That would make me sew happy!

If you've never seen the movie, you should. The recurring song in it has the chorus "Dreams are My Reality" which would semi drive my students crazy when it popped up again and again. Enjoy the song with some clips from the film.

Sew happy!

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