Getting to Know Our Readers - 2nd edition

I am so happy that I get to do more of these pieces. I just love them! Each email is so spectacular that I am just taking them chronologically. I hope you love learning about each other as much as I do.

julieJuliet lives in Southern California which doesn't make me jealous at all. Fine, or it makes me a little bit jealous! She'll always be near a beach as you can see from her photo.  I am pretty sure she would LOVE to have us all visit.

Not only has she always lived in beautiful weather, she learned how to sew from her Grandma. (Grandmas are the best.) She started quilting with children and took a break when her life changed. (Like many of us, Juliet has gone through a divorce.)

What astounded me about Juliet is that she attends music festivals, the three day kind! Now there's a woman who loves music. I am impressed she can stand that long not to mention the port-a-potties!

Juliet has taken a workshop from Bonnie Hunter, what fun! She hopes to do a class or retreat with Missouri Star Quilt Company or Eleanor Burn's retreat house which is near to her. She also is an active member of an online guild via Facebook.

Juliet recently returned to quilting as a friend for whom she bought lessons wouldn't go without her. She found quilting to be healing and therapeuticbeginning again quilt on many levels. I can just imagine many quilters nodding their heads in agreement with her. She even shared her back to quilting Quilt. I love it!

This kitchen table quilter has a stash named "Outtacontrol"  which is like the most perfect name ever. She also is a wonderful friend as she recently acquired a blue princess phone on Ebay for a girlfriend who never got that phone of her dreams in her youth. I love this! My Dad worked for the phone company so I had the phone of my dreams but I was lucky. Juliet's friend is lucky as well!

Our buddy Juliet is not only recently returned to quilting but she's a newlywed! Congratulations to you and that handy Irish coffee making man! And great job on three kids in or soon off to college, what a testament to you! Plus, she loves food. I forgive her for living in a place where it's nice weather all year long.

To wrap up this glimpse into Juliet's life she has two pieces of advice for us:

1) "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" Dr Seuss.

2) Wear sunscreen!

Perfect! And I will!

Sew happy!

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Did you catch the first edition of this series? Click here to read it.

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