DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial

I put a different quilt on my condo door each month, sometimes two. For a couple of years, I haven't been thrilled with my February/Valentine's day quilt. I made it 15 years ago and it looks it. It has sparkles on the fabric and scraps from my 33 year old daughter's first twin sized quilt. It needed an update but I didn't get serious about it until today, 3 days before Valentine's day. But hey, I will have it for February next year also!

As I made the quilt, I took pictures. This process ended a couple of minutes ago, Yikes. First here's the quilt I don't like.Valentine quilt re 8

However, I was pressed for time, majorly pressed for time. And yes, I do admit that I could have started earlier. But every once in a while, I must enjoy the brinksmanship of seeing if I can get something done. Enjoy my DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial!

The very first thing I did was to go to my project boxes where I keep my Valentine and heart fabric. I just like keeping it separate and it paid off.

Valentine quilt re 0Inside these two boxes I found all kinds of great fabrics I had saved from various heart quilts I have made. I also made many a Valentine apron once upon a time.

And what did I find? 4 paper pieced blocks, each of which measured 12.5 inches. I remember making one and only paper pieced heart quilt for Emily and just deciding, I am done. Valentine quilt re 1

I made the quilt smaller than it was supposed to be, quilted and bound it. I threw the blocks I didn't use in here and today, they saved my life.

I don't even remember where I got the paper piecing sheets but there are lots of patterns on line for 12 inch heart blocks. I traced one of my blocks and made a pdf out of it. However, my scanner was too narrow and a bit too short. I folded it in half and scanned each half.

Valentine quilt re 2You are welcome to download this trace of my heart but the very tip is missing and you have to print both halves and tape them together. That's the best I could do! Click here if you want to download.

I sewed the four blocks together and auditioned border fabric. I couldn't decide whether to go dark or medium. I had lots of the medium so I went in that direction. You'll understand why as we go along.

I cut 2.5" borders for all four sides. Once I sewed all four on, I used the rest of the fabric for the back. As I wanted to finish this in about an hour, Valentine quilt re 4I knew I could use the back for the binding and cut down on time.

Here is the top! The back didn't have to be pieced so that was fast and easy. I flipped it onto my Longarm, some batting and this top.

Valentine quilt re 6I quilted hearts in the borders and all over. Hearts are easy and my sweet Gladys the Gammill cooperated like a doll. Can you see the quilting?

I had so many lights and machines on plus the iron that I was dying of heat up in the loft. If I am home alone, I turn the heat way down but my husband isn't thrilled with me freezing him to death so I am comfy in the loft. (Shh, I've done it a few times!)

I clipped the batting even with the front. I clipped the back so it was an inch bigger on all four sides. Then I pressed it towards the front. I folded it twice and pressed again.Valentine quilt re 7

I used my clover clips to keep it in place. I machine sewed it in place! Sew fast and this is a quilt I use for 1 month a year. I used blanket stitch so it's a bit decorative.

I had made some tubes for the back and quite frankly, I pinned them on for the final picture. I will sew them on by hand tomorrow. Or when I put the quilt away!

Valentine quilt re 10Here it is on my door with my cute heart door mat. Do you love it? Me too!

Here's a close up of my new door decoration. At least 2 people will probably see it before Valentine's day but hey,Valentine quilt re 12 my neighbors have high standards!

I would have never been able to sew, quilt and bind a quilt in a couple of hours without having those blocks in my stash. Now I will continue being a crazy quilt lady fabric hoarder.

Isn't that great?

Sew happy!

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