Top 10 Quilting Sewing Creating Posts of 2014

I have a ball writing this blog. I see something in life, on TV, on the internet or in a magazine and it sparks something in my head that I just have to write about. I also go to quilt stores. shows, events and meetings where I learn new techniques or ideas. Again, I process it by sharing it all with my wonderful readers. I also write lots about what I make complete with all kinds of pictures. Sometimes there are so many pictures I find it easier to put them in a gallery.

As much as I enjoy writing, I don't do it just so I will read it. I love it when other people read it as well, and my community manager likes that as well! So let's celebrate those posts which this year were read the most. I give you the Top 10 Quilting Sewing Creating Posts of 2014!

I'm thrilled that my dish towel tutorial just made it onto the list at spot 10. I love making cute towels using this system and people seem to love getting them. Now I just want to make some for me and I hope the 4444 people who read this blog made some for themselves as well.

Everyone seems to love those who are cool and therefore my post on Quilting is the New Cool was pretty darn popular. 4984 readers seems like a lot to me! Repeat after me, we're cool, uh huh!cool

I was a full time teacher for 35 years and only retired from my part time college job 6 months ago. I know teachers and would be teachers. They are the type of person who seeks information and may have some self doubts. 5031 potential teachers read my post on How to Tell if you're Cut out to be a Teacher and I wish each and every one of them well.  This was a post written in 2013 but still resonates with teacher candidates.

I never knew so many people were interested in sewing their own shower curtains. I do and love it but sometimes I think I am just an oddball. 5041 readers are apparently as odd as I am and read the post on how to make your own shower curtain. That's fun!sc re 2

I wrote a fairly cranky post about phrases I never want to hear again and 5112 people read it. That shocked me. I guess language does matter, cool!

Alphabet re 18I loved making the alphabet letters for Zara and 5250 other people liked reading it. It took a fair amount of time to make two sets but we have had fun playing with them for over two years. This post was written in June of 2013 yet was right in the center of my most popular posts for 2014. People like alphabet letters!

Another middle of the pack post is one I wrote about gifts to give teachers and administrators at the end of the year or for retirement. I had seen such a disastrous gift at my old school that I felt compelled to write this one and 6858 people felt they had to read it.

We are nearing the top and here's another post about gifts, this time the perfect presents to give quilters and sewers. I hope your loved ones used these good ideas to get you some great gifts. 8574 people took the time to read it, cool!

coats re 2We are almost at the top and this one was probably one of my favorite blogs of all time. Last winter was brutal so I wrote a post about the 14 coats you need to survive a Chicago winter. It was partly tongue in cheek and partly serious and over 11,000 people read it. I hope they are all warm!

Finally, which one was tops? It was a really big tops! Gifts to give a teacher was number one in 2014 with over 50,000 readers. That really surprised me but I am glad people are trying to make the teacher in their life happy! 

I liked looking over my numbers. 338,395 pages of my blog were perused by readers. That is pretty spectacular to me. I am looking forward to seeing what readers will flock to in 2015. I will try to write posts worth reading!

Sew happy!

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Last year I wrote the same kind of post and you'll notice the gift posts on both!

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