Sewing and Life Goals for 2015

I am a list maker and not just one, I keep various lists around the house. I also have been a journal writer for much of my life. I like to keep track of things by writing them down. I have records of who I have made what on various holidays, past addresses where I've lived and other folders full of things I've written over the years.

Yes, I am a pretty geeky writer type. That combined with sewing makes me so darn wild! And to keep up this nerdy reputation I think it's fitting that I write about what my goals are for next year.

This past year I met my quilting goal of exhibiting in a show, participating in more guild challenges and designing more of what I sew. I plan to continue with all of those next year as well. It would have been nice if I had made more quilts but I never put a number on things. I'm too goofy, I would get too obsessed.

This next year I want to go to QuiltCon and see what it's all about. I want to improve my Longarm quilting skills and learn some new techniques. I also want to work with wool. I never have so that's a way in which I am challenging myself. I don't care if I like working with wool, I just enjoy trying something new.goal re 1

I even have a cool sewing journal to write down my experiences in. I know, I usually write it all here. But I couldn't resist! It's just too perfect for a sewing gal who writes.

In my personal life last year I wanted to visit Cuba and Alaska, make some new friends and keep up with old ones. I am pretty pleased with how all of that turned out. I want to try to take a driving vacation next year out East and keep on with friends.

I also want to keep working on my old lady legs. I am bound and determined to keep up with Yoga, I've gone 8 weeks in a row. Can I hear a namaste? I can feel the difference!

Writing wise I want to keep up last year's goal of posting five times a week most weeks. I get holidays and vacations! I also was hired to blog once a month for Havel's Sewing blog. I am pretty pumped about another blogging gig and hope it lasts all year.

I was very pleased with my Quilting Sewing Creating blog this year. I was happy with the numbers, the remuneration and the relationships I've developed with all of you. I hope that all continues!

I love my personal, sewing and writing life and want to tweek them a bit, challenge myself and keep fresh. I would not mind becoming rich, famous and thin as well but I'm not at all sure those goals would keep me as happy as my current ones.

Those are my sewing and life goals for 2015. How about you? Any goals for next year? Or are you just trying to live through the holidays? Hey, me too!

Sew happy!

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I wrote a post before about New Year's resolutions. Read it here!

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