Phrases most heard over the Holidays

My husband and I live in a two bed room condo with a loft above the great room which is my sewing room. The second bedroom is my office and also Zara's hangout. We have two bathrooms, no waiting. We are both really clean and fairly quiet.

Over the holidays my youngest daughter and her boyfriend stayed in the office. Yes, office, my sanctuary. Not that I am territorial. We also hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for 11 and went to a full day of festivities at my oldest daughter's for Christmas day.

It was a fun filled cacophony of noise and action. My sewing room was the wrapping area. Now it's all back to normal but if I listen carefully I can hear the echos from the past.

The phrases most heard over the holidays are continuing to reverberate in my ears. Instead of me muttering to myself, there was lots of talking going on. Let me turn my head and knock out these phrases I am listening to on the inside.making cookies


-Can you please fix this for me?

-Who's making cookies?

-Isn't she cute?

-Don't come up here! I'm wrapping!

-Is someone in that bathroom?

-Those are delicious!

-Are those dishes clean?Mom


-Can you please sew this for me?

-Where are the cookies?

-Who's opening a present now?

-Can you pass the cookies?

-She's so darn cute!

-Thank you!

-Does she have to go potty?cookies

-That was delicious.


-Can you please repair this for me?

-I'm so full!

-Who's using the washer and dryer?

-Are there any cookies left?

until the final comment

-Bye, Mom, I love you!

And just like that, it's quiet again. Which is OKAY as I need to  rest and get back to normal.

But remembering those voices, that makes me Sew happy!

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You might like this post also! And I just wanted to let you know, those cookie pictures were all from my oldest daughter, she is the cookie maker and very generous!

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