How to make a Quilter Happy at Christmas

Quilters are usually a pretty happy bunch, after all we have our fabric, thread and sewing to keep us busy. We have other quilters we can chat with online and we have quilts to keep us warm. What's not to love? But there are special occasions when it's nice to show your favorite quilter some extra love. I know my family did that for me this year and I am about to share with you, How to make a Quilter Happy at Christmas.

Christmas re 1I think many people like spending time with people they love this time of year. Well, some family members are more loved than others but most of the time, friends and family make quilters happy.q Christmas re 1

My younger daughter came home from Asia and brought her boyfriend with her. My oldest daughter had Christmas day at her house and I didn't have to cook! Cliff's daughter, Olivia, came to make things more fun and gave me a gorgeous collage of being a Grandmother.  Perfection! People make me happy!

In addition, some quilters like to cook, this one does not. But I love to set the table. Plus we see family when we eat, it's just part of the fun. My Step Mom had been planning on having Christmas Eve at their house but with my Dad just being out of the hospital and her being sick, it got moved to my house.

I was happy to do that as all the food had already been ordered. I just had to pick it up and set the table. I got to see my sister and her family plus we all dropped in on my Dad at various times over the two days.

Q Christmas re 3I had all the placemats and napkins already sewn, I owned the china and table cloth. It was just wonderful! (Except for that coke my daughter snuck in there before I got to snap the pic!)

Quilters, especially this one, love gifts as well! I do, I love gifts that show you know me and my tastes. We are all as the meme states, material girls!

Does anything show that better than Quilter t=shirts? My husband found them all on Amazon. Well, after I put them on my wish list.

Hey, you have to give people a boost, lead them in the right direction. Do you have an Amazon wish list? Everyone does in my family because we like to give a bunch of ideas and then everyone gets to pick.q Christmas re 5

Quilters read and use a lot of Quilt books. I happen to love Children's books with a quilt theme as well. I have even written about it! I got these two lovelies!

Q Christmas re 6

I also got cute little notions in my stocking. I love stocking presents, that challenge of finding something small and that you'd like.

We all fill up extra room with magazines and in my case, dark chocolate. But I love all these notions but one. See the black arrow? These are knock off Olfa blades, that packaging is written in Chinese. That burns me up! Amazon should police their site more!

Even Zara knows that I like quilty gifts and quite frankly, the little minx outdid herself this year. q Christmas re 2Look at the super fun game she got me! That girl knows her way around a wish list.

I think that if you want to know how to make a Quilter happy at Christmas, or any time, you have to know that quilter.

You have to spend time with her and get her personal gifts that reflect her and her interest in quilts. If she makes a wish list that does help! But if she doesn't you can still do a pretty good job at many quilt stores. I even have a post about gifts for quilters. Make it personal!

Now what would make this quilter even happier? Someone to come over and play the game with me! Oh and if Santa hadn't brought me the flu, yes that would be good also!

Sew happy!

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I wrote a similar post last year. Check it out here!

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