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Exercising in the pool is for everyone

I am not athletic, never have been. Both of my sisters were cheerleaders and could do various tricks with my Dad. Me? I really liked reading! I tried running and let’s just say I never got that runner’s high. But I have found my spot and it’s in the pool. I firmly believe that exercising... Read more »

Advice to a new quilter

Hi new quilter! I am pretty darn excited for you. This is such a wonderful hobby and you have so many new experiences ahead of you. If you’re a new quilter then certainly I am an old one. When you’re NOT the new kid on the block, you feel like you can offer advice. Who... Read more »

Trip to Iowa and adjusted expectations

We had a trip to Iowa planned around seeing the Australian children’s group, The Wiggles. My granddaughter Zara was a big fan although lately Elmo has been catching her eye. She’s 22 months, she’s allowed to change her interests. We were pretty excited and I even made her a costume to look like Emma of... Read more »

My 500th blog post or why I write

This is my 500th blog post and I have to admit, it seems like a lot to me. It’s a nice round number and reason enough to pause and reflect on how and why I got here. Why do I write these blog posts, let alone 500 of them? I don’t suppose there is one... Read more »

DIY Fast and Easy Headband Tutorial

Sometimes a quick and easy project is really satisfying. I am working on Zara’s Dragon quilt so in the meantime, I am looking for little projects to make quickly. My daughter Emily wanted a thinner headband than the ones she had purchased. Perfect! Here we to with the DIY Fast and Easy Headband Tutorial. Emily... Read more »

Grandma is the best name of all

Each week there is a different theme that we can write about it in the Blogger’s Life series. This week is What’s in a name? And what came to my mind is the name Grandma.  By far, Grandma is the best name of all. I was born Kathleen and most of life I was called... Read more »

Quilters need to be in charge. Everywhere.

Right now who’s in charge, I mean really, who is calling the shots around here because it’s not quilters. If everything everywhere was managed by quilters we would all be better off. I say Quilters need to be in charge. Everywhere. Why? Well it seems obvious to me but I will spell it out. 1.... Read more »

DIY Scrappy Coasters Tutorial

My guild challenged us to make something with text fabric. I decided on coasters.
Did you read the post about the Round Robin? Then you know that I adored the scrappy bright coasters that Alison made me as a gift for working on her quilt. I was determined to make my own version, they were so darn cute! They are easy to make but there were so many steps... Read more »

One of my quilting heroines, Jean Ray Laury

My nephew is living on his own now and a college graduate but back when he was just a baby, I made him the quilt from Jean Ray Laury’s iconic book, No Dragons on my Quilt. He loved it and still has it hidden somewhere. When the idea that I might be a grandma came... Read more »

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Book Club

Books, sewing and eating with friends all come together several times a year when book club meets. One of my clubs only meets here once a year or so but the Classics Book Club meets 3 times a year at my house and I love it. Sunday was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Book Club.... Read more »