A Perfect Day is lots of breakfast plus love

It's blogapalooza time again and tonight's topic is Write what your perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy.

A perfect day for me would start with waking up after a whole night's sleep, no getting up in the middle of the night. I would wake up refreshed like they do on TV. No drool, no mad dash for the facilities, no sireee, just me in a really nice nightgown.

As I got out of bed, I wouldn't fumble for my glasses. Nope, perfect eyesight, thank you very much. No alarm to startle me and no to do list to remind me what to do that day. (1. Get up 2. Get dressed...)

fav re 4I would have some oatmeal cereal with fruit and drive over to the pool. I would be on time for the first time and I would find a parking place easily, also a new experience. The pool would be the perfect temperature.

I would do my exercises near my buddies, the elderly guy who never stops talking and has an odd growth on his head would be on the opposite side of the pool. I wouldn't have to entertain him for a while out of guilt.

Then I would do my laps and feel very energetic, setting a new personal record. The locker room would be well ventilated, no hot flashing after I take a shower. I wouldn't drop my clothes in any puddles of water or sit in one.

I would meet friends for brunch and they would all ask me, Did you lose weight? (And they would mean it.) I would just smile modestly and order Eggs Benedict. We would talk and laugh while we drank lots of coffee.seam-ripper-col_jpg

After that I would go home and be a speedy sewist up in my Quilt studio. Bam, three projects finished and two more started. No ripping and I wouldn't stab myself with anything. No blood at all on anything!

Around 4:00 my husband would pick me up and we would make the $5.00 movie. It would be funny but a bit serious, touching but not maudlin with a smidge of romance and a great ending. I would not cry nor have to leave the movie half way through to visit the Ladies' Room. (I don't know what happened to the gallon of coffee, just work with me here.)

For dinner we would go to a natural farm to table sustainable restaurant that serves breakfast all day long. My husband could have Prime Rib and I would have the French toast combo. Zara and her parents would meet us and no one would throw food.

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend would somehow magically appear from Asia. No one would be surprised. Everyone would get along and the conversation would hum.

We would have a coupon someone gave us in the parking lot so we would just pay the tip. Natch, we would be generous. We would kiss Zara good bye couponand rub noses. She would say Wuv you!

We would come home and watch a new episode of Blacklist which would scare me just a bit but I would NOT scream out loud. I may or may not do that from time to time. We would follow that with a comedy or two while I ordered some fabric on the computer and read the paper.

Or in a true fantasy, we would watch the Cubs in the final game of the World Series. They would win and neither of us would die of a heart attack. But maybe that's pushing it even for a perfect day.

We would get to bed that was freshly made with clean sheets. (Magic fairies? Maybe.) We would have time to read books we really loved. We would turn out the light, say I love you and fall asleep practically instantly.

I have never had a day like that, however I have had versions of that day. My real days involve more dilly dallying, more bad breath and dandruff. They definitely involve food being thrown.

But my days are perfect in the love aspect. We have a family that is small in number but huge in love. We may be late or spread out but we all love each other even if we squabble from time to time.

As you can see, my perfect Day is lots of breakfast plus love.

However, that coupon for free dinner? That would make me sew happy!

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