Ugly blocks in the quilt of life

My life is an improvisational scrap quilt. It's made up of all kinds of fabrics and blocks. It is definitely quilted in a meander pattern. I like quilts like that but when it's your life some of those blocks are not so much fun to live. This past week was a bunch of ugly blocks in the quilt of life.

These ugly blocks began while we were on our Alaskan Cruise. We were flying, we were on adventures, we weren't near a washroom all the time.  So we restricted our fluid intake and bathroom visits. Dumb and dumber!

Ugly block re 1I came came home with a cold and went to the doctor Monday. Cliff came home from work Tuesday early and told me he thought he had a cold also. That would be just a moderately ugly block kind of day.

But see this ugly block? It's not symetrical, nothing really lines up correctly and it's falling apart. That was Wednesday and Thursday.

Cliff went to the doctor and first found out that Advocate Health Care had dropped his and 400,000 other patients' Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. (Bam! No longer took it, sorry we're not sorry.) So he had to pay cash for the appointment and then find a place that still took his BCBS insurance to run the tests.

He went to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet with his doctor's orders for the tests. about 4:00 he gets a call, "Go to the hospital immediately. You have sepsis as the infection has traveled from your bladder to your kidneys into your blood."

I freaked out and almost killed us twice driving back to Silver Cross. There we have to go through the ER as our doctor is not on staff but our insurance is good there.  4 hours later, he is in a room getting IV antibiotics.

They ran tons of tests. His white blood count was 26,000 and he was near renal failure with 58% of his kidneys functioning. Those hours wasted because BCBS and Advocate are fighting over reimbursements could have caused him permanent damage. heart

Slowly he got better and I read bunches of magazines while sitting in his room. I was so glad that I subscribe to many more magazines than I can actually read. Most were quilt magazines and I ripped out a bunch of pictures of quilts I will never make.

Now the scrap quilt of my life began to fill up with really great blocks. These blocks are straight and intact. Cliff is getting better and better

They have fun fabrics and everything matches. They do not involve hospitals and insurance companies fighting over who will make the most profit and leaving patients without coverage.

20140824_203333-1None of these blocks are ripped or falling apart. They are my favorite blocks and I wish our lives were made up of nothing but them.

But when you put them all together, the ugly blocks and the great blocks, they make up a very nice life.

That life is at its peak when the love of your life is home, safe and sound. And when he's napping under a quilt I made for him, even better.

A happy ending makes me sew happy!

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I've written about my husband before. You can read one post here.

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