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I read a blog post sometime this summer which showed the contents of a fabric stash being distributed by a quilter's family. It admonished us to use the fabric, sew and enjoy rather than just stockpile. It inspired me to pare down some of what I have stashed away. If I am not going to use it, I want to pass it along to someone who will.

bom re 1Today I focused on 6 small drawers devoted to Blocks of the Month which were never made into quilts. I have to decide if I am going to save or donate blocks of the month.

At some point I decided I wanted to make this sampler quilt. It seemed easy enough, 4 small blocks per month. bom re 3

I kept up for a while. I have 43 completed blocks.  I like these blocks even though I am not quilting this way right now.

I like some of them more than others. I could easily make a baby quilt out of them or maybe even a throw. I would need to get some sashing fabric.

Do I still want to make the whole quilt? Apparently not because I have not made a new block in a couple of years.

You didn't realize these 43 weren't all there was? Unfortunately not. I still have 10 more bags and a solo unit. bom re 2Each bag has the fabric for 4 blocks. Yes, that does make 41 blocks I still have to make.

Am I going to make these blocks? I don't think so. Maybe a couple of them if I need more than 43 blocks. At this point I am not going to get rid of them. I am giving myself one more year to do something with re 4

I have another set of blocks or actually two sets.  In one drawer I have 12 completed blocks.

My youngest daughter and I signed up for this activity when she was in High School. She suggested it which surprised me. We were having some issues so I thought it would be a bonding experience.

bom re 5My daughter finished 10 or 11 of hers, I can't really tell but here's her drawer. We started these in 2008 and got this far by 2009.

Even when we started this project I wasn't thrilled with the colors. I had done that palette and I was over it.  I was just looking to bond with re 6

I have two bags of fabric to finish the quilts.  All I didn't buy at the time was the backing.

I texted my daughter and asked her if it was OK if I donated them. She said fine. I wonder if she even knew I still had them.

I will bring these to my guild and put them on the free table. I've decided to do that each month, bring a little something that I am for sure not going to use and someone else would love.

And by taking a closer look at the other blocks, I have a loose plan for them. If I don't follow through they may find themselves on the free table.

Giving to others something I will probably never use myself is freeing. Those UFO's are no longer reproaching me.

Sew happy!

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If you recognized those blocks you are very observant. I wrote about them before in this post.

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