Pieced back for the Orange strip quilt

I've been away from my sewing machine too much. Trip to Alaska was a good reason, hospitalization for my sweet husband was a bad reason. After long hours at the hospital Cliff told me to go home and sew. So I did but not before I picked up a pizza. Hey, a girl's gotta eat!

On Saturday night I finally got to work on the pieced back for the orange strip quilt. Orange strips re 1If you've forgotten about it you can read the previous post here. Here are all the strips I cut out and described in the first post. 

When I  cut out the pieces I had skinny strips and also the 2.5 inch strips that I used in the main part of the quilt.  I sewed all the skinny strips Quilt back re 2into one long piece. I then cut a length the same size as the back made from the flowered fabric.

I needed 16 inches to make the back wide enough. The back fabric was only 42 inches wide. I cut a 15 inch wide strip from that fabric to create two pieces. The pieced strip would go in between and join them.

All the skinny strips sewn together lengthwise was only 12 inches so I added 4 strips on each side from leftover 2.5" strips. I had my 16 inches and I sewed one side to each of the back pieces.

I evened up the top and bottoms which gave me a piece of strips sewn together. I feel like I can do something with it!Quilt back re 3 Or should I pitch it. I'll keep it. For now.

Here is how the back looks. It's a bit wider and longer than it needs to be but I need that for the Longarm. That strip ended up taking a lot longer to stitch together than I thought it would.

There are 24 strips sewn together, some are really skinny! Making this pieced back was a bit like a jelly roll race quilt only longer and varying sizes of strips.

Next time I might use only the fatter strips but I do like the way it looks. Had I done a bit more piecing, this back could be a front. Ha!

Quilt back re 5I loaded it on my Longarm using my red snappers. I have it loaded on its side so I can stitch across to create quilting that is vertical when the quilt is done. No seams that end on the quilt this way.

I learned to do this the hard way when I quilted a baby quilt in the opposite way and got too many stops and starts.

I cut a piece of batting and floated it on top of the back. Then I floated the top over that.Quilt back re 6 And then I fell into bed and slept like a log.

Tomorrow I hope to quilt it. They whole thing? Maybe! I can lock my horizontal channel locks and buzz across. Can't wait!

Getting the quilt this far makes me Sew happy!

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