Overheard at the Quilt retreat

I have never attended an overnight Quilt retreat. I love the idea of all the sewing but the sleeping, I just have a thing about sleeping with new...mattresses! I love mine. When we got home from Alaska I was ecstatic to be home sweet home and in my own bed. But I have gone to all day classes and sew alongs and from them I have remembered some classic comments and as for the others. I just made them up!

Have fun reading this totally fictitious list of comments Overheard at the Quilt retreat.

Hello ladies, ready, set, SEW!

Hi! I'm the official photographer, everyone smile please!welcome quilters

Anyone have any thread or needles I can borrow?

Can I really cut into this fabric? I've been saving it for a while, like the 60's.

Who ate all my chocolate?

Say cheese!

Do I like this fabric? I mean really LIKE it?

My family keeps calling me.

My first quilt is all cut out.

Wow, she finished all that.

quilt retreatMy cell is on silent

Do these colors look good together?

Wait, we really sew here?

Have you seen my chocolate?

Did someone just take my picture?

I don't think I even like this fabric or even this project.

May I borrow your seam ripper?

First quilt completed.

My family thinks I'm working.

I am staying up all night and sewing.

My cell is on airplane mode.

I love my fabric too much to cut into it.

Where's my seam ripper?

Done, I finished another.

I never really liked her.

Why does my phone keep ringing?

We all agreed no pictures, right?

All I've done all night is make mistakes and rip them out.

Anyone else hungry?quilt re

My cell is turned off.

Third quilt finished!

Can we ask people to leave?

Whose seam ripper is this?

I really could go for some chocolate but mine seems to be all gone.

I didn't even bring my cell phone.

Anyone have any extra thread?

Finally, now I am ready to sew! I got all my supplies from others and even some fabric she didn't really love!

Wait maybe it was me who ate all that chocolate...

I'm just glad there wasn't anyone taking pictures.

Time to go home ladies! 

Photos are already up on our guild page!

(If this scenario was true, I would be the absent minded chocolate eater!)

Sewing with friends makes me sew happy

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Here's another humor post you might enjoy. While reading things about retreats, I found a quilt retreat locator!

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