Grammar, spelling and blogging

I sew and then I blog about it. I blog about my quilts and making them. I blog about 5 days a week, taking the weekend off. I'm not getting rich, I'm not sponsored, I am just having fun. But sometimes I worry about grammar, spelling and blogging.

I try to make sure my grammar and spelling are correct. The spelling is easier than the grammar. I am a pretty good speller because I've spent so much time reading books. Plus, there's spell check!

Grammar is trickier. I don't have an editor which is a given in blogging. I can't imagine how fabulous that would be. "Hey, Kath, that sentence is a bit awkward, let's rewrite that sucker."comma

I get the obvious stuff in grammar that we were taught in elementary school in the 50's and 60's. I get apostrophes (I even spelled it without help) and know that it's = it is whereas its = possession. I've studied the cheat sheet from The Oatmeal.

I think that teaching world languages since 1975 has also helped my grammar. I try not to end a sentence with a preposition. I know the difference between to, too and two as well as they're, there and their. And then there are commas.

straysThe main reason I would love an editor is for the commas. Oh those pesky devils! I get the simple rule of a pause.

And I've made my decision on the Oxford comma. I know some of you will hate me but I've dropped it.

My problem is that I like commas, I mean I really like them. I tend to just sprinkle them in like salt and pepper. And even though I look at the rules online, sometimes it just doesn't seem so obvious to me. 2009-09-17-commas

So then I won't use as many or perhaps none at all. (Does that sentence need a comma?)

I wish grammar, and by grammar I mean commas, was like sewing. There are many ways to sew a bag or make a quilt. Hey, it's my quilt I can make it the way I want.

But you just can't make up your own rules for grammar, there are usage rules which have been decided upon. When to use a period, for example, or what makes a complete sentence.

When you break those rules, you better have. a. darn. good. reason. Or if you're just being playful with sentence structure. Right? And before you break the rules, you should know them!

Combine my good intentions with time constraints, throw in no editor and you might note the occasional grammar or spelling mistake. I apologize in advance! Feel free to email me at and gently tell me that I goofed!

If you are like me and try to use grammar correctly and spell the word the right way, you might enjoy this Word Crimes video. We've all seen it a bunch of times but it's worth another view.

If I could just spell everything correctly and use commas in the right place, why I would be sew happy.

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Is this a really crabby post? Because I have admonished my generation not to be. You can read it here.

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