Facts about Aprons

I wear an apron every time I get in the kitchen, it's automatic like putting on my seat belt. I have posted before about aprons and will continue to do so until all the world is joined in one big apron-a-thon.

I even have the door of aprons to prove my devotion!apron re 3

I think it's time to write post on Facts about Aprons, maybe that will satisfy me. Or maybe not, I will probably still wear and make them!

1. Where does the word apron come from? Oh boy, right off the bat there is controversy! Don't you just love two different theories about word origin? Me too! I am going with this definition "APRON is traced to the Indo-European “root” mappa  (napkin, towel, cloth). The AHD says this may be of  Carthaginian origin" from Edinics - Where Language Began site. They hint that Websters fudges the origin as old French. Can you believe it?

2. Any apron expressions worth mentioning? Yes, we've all heard something along the lines of, "Oh that girl, she's still tied to her Mother's apron strings."  For me that means she is a Momma's girl or dependent on one's mother. The Free Dictionary agrees!

3. What were the earliest aprons like? The answer I found in History of Aprons was that the first aprons were very simple pieces of cloth tied around the waist.

4. When did they become fancier? In the 1500's fancy aprons began to appear in art work among the people rich enough to have their portraits painted. There is an entire website devoted to these paintings. (I couldn't believe it either.)

apron pilgrim5. Are any aprons symbolic? Yes, there is the Free Mason apron which has all kinds of symbolism and is (was) considered to be a type of badge of the Free Masons. (Hey, I am learning a whole lot about aprons.)

6. What historic group of Amerians are famous for wearing aprons? Why that would be the pilgrims. No matter what sort of costume you see for pilgrims, it always includes a long white apron for women.

7. When did aprons become a cultural icon in the US? According to the site History of Clothing, the apron became an icon of the American Housewife after World apron picWar II. Many TV shows and advertisements showed women wearing aprons.

8. When did aprons become less popular to wear? According to this article, the rise of the women's movement and increased opportunities for women outside of the home in the 1960's led to aprons becoming less popular and even associated with being old or dowdy.

9. Are aprons making a comeback? Yes! I read numerous websites that claim they are. Here is American Profile and Heritage Dot Com articles which say yes they are. This is because of people like you and me making them and the surge in interest in all things vintage.TieOneOnDay2014_216x260

10. Is there a holiday associated with aprons? I don't know if I would call it a holiday but the web site Apron Memories  November 26, 2014 is national Tie One On Day - a day to give and wear an apron. (It's the day before Thanksgiving.) I don't know about you, but I plan to participate!

What prompted this post? Some one sent me that poem about aprons that has been making its way around email and Facebook. I am always looking for a post idea! It's kind of corny so feel free to skip it.

Sewing aprons has always made me sew darn happy!

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If you liked this post you will love this one about how aprons are cool also. Or sewing ideas for an apron! Or a French Impressionist apron. Fine, I will stop now.

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